MusicBox Releases PromoBox2 Music Library


MusicBox introduced PromoBox 2, the second title in its PromoBox CD library, at the 2007 Promax/BDA conference at the Hilton New York in New York City, June 12-14 (booth #47). PromoBox2 offers new material on 100 music tracks. The tracks are divided into five genres: action, epic, rock, electronica and comedy. Each of the five genres offers 10 unique new themes, with each theme available in both 60- or 30-second length formats.

Launched in 2006, MusicBox’s PromoBox library comprises an ongoing series of CDs. Each disc comprises multiple promo-friendly genres, all pre-cut for television promos, commercials and trailers.

Full-length versions of each theme from PromoBox also appear on existing MusicBox CDs from the company’s extensive library. There are also 5-, 10- and 15-second promo versions of each PromoBox theme available online via MusicBoxLIVE, MusicBox’s search and download system.

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