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Nady Systems Introduces WPM-2U Podium Mic

Nady Systems recently announced their new wireless podium microphone, the WPM-2U. This model is ideal for desktop conferencing, without the clutter of cables between mic and amplifier. Nady states that it offers up to 200 feet of reliable reception range for maximum versatility and operating ease in virtually any setup application.

The WPM-2U is one of two podium microphones in Nady’s current WPM Series. The WPM-2U operates in the UHF band and the WPM-1V operates in VHF. Up to eight WPM-1V systems and six WPM-2U systems (all on different frequencies) can be operated simultaneously. The WPM-1V is available in 12 standard frequencies between 170 and 216 MHz and comes standard with Nady’s Encore I (VHF) receiver or any other Nady VHF receiver. The WPM-2U is available in six standard frequencies between 470 and 510 MHz and comes standard with Nady’s UHF-3 receiver.

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