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NAMM: Behringer XENYX Mixing Consoles

Behringer has unveiled a new line of mixing consoles—the XENYX Series—that offers not only premium analog sound, but also digital technology to bridge both worlds. The XENYX Series boasts an improved “invisible mic preamp” and the new 2SV888 transistor to match the sound quality, transparency, headroom and dynamic range of boutique-styled, stand-alone mic preamps. The entire XENYX line comes with up to 24-input, 4/2-bus mixer with XENYX mic preamps and neo-classic “British” 2- or 3-band EQ. Each XENYX mixing console boasts an ultralow-noise, high-headroom design.

The XENYX line comprises 12 mixing console. All offer XENYX mic preamps and USB audio interface, as well as studio-grade, 24-bit digital stereo effects processor with 100 presets. Differences range in the number of inputs and the bus mixer.

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