NAMM: Cakewalk SONAR Power Studio 250, 660

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SONAR Power Studio 250 and SONAR Power Studio 660 integrated music production systems are the newest additions to the SONAR product line and are designed for musicians who need a complete production solution that couples high-quality hardware and software with the added benefit of portability, and without the compromise of LE versions of software.

SONAR Power Studio production systems contain SONAR 5 Studio Edition and integrated Roland V-Vocal technology, paired with Cakewalk SPS-66 24-bit/192kHz FireWire audio/MIDI interface in SONAR Power Studio 660 and the Cakewalk SPS-25 24-bit/96kHz USB audio/MIDI interface with SONAR Power Studio 250.

SONAR Power Studio ships with an easy-to-understand four-panel Getting Started Guide with clearly illustrated instructions, a "User’s Guide" covering both the hardware and software and an installer for complete setup of all software and hardware drivers and components.

SONAR Power Studio includes a special configuration of SONAR Studio Edition where all audio and MIDI device settings come pre-configured for the included Cakewalk hardware.

SONAR Power Studio 250 features the ability to record, edit and mix unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI using unlimited instruments and effects; Cakewalk SPS-25 audio/MIDI interface offering 2-in/2-out 24-bit/96kHz performance; take SONAR Power Studio 250 on the road with USB bus power; two XLR/TRS combo jacks, professional-grade mic preamps, +48V phantom power, +4dBu balanced output and built-in analog limiter; Roland V-Vocal VariPhrase technology, offering pitch correction, phrase adjustment, harmonization and more; included Amplitube LE guitar amp simulator; 29 professional audio effects and eight MIDI effects; five built-in software instruments including the Roland TTS-1 and Roland Groovesynth; export to .WAV, Broadcast .WAV, AVI, OMFI, QuickTime 6, WMA 9, MP3 and more.

SONAR Power Studio 660 features the same, except it offers 6-in/6-outs.

SONAR Power Studio 250 has an estimated street price of $449 U.S., SONAR Power Studio 660 is $599. Both will be available in April 2006. For more information, visit Cakewalk at