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NAMM: Cycling ’74 JazzMutant Lemur 1.3

Software 1.3 for the JazzMutant Lemur multi-touch control surface will be available via download for all current Lemur customers. New software features in V. 1.3 allow the Lemur to be reconfigured in powerful ways from a host computer via the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

The Lemur is a hardware controller for new-media applications featuring a proprietary LCD touch screen for which users create their own user interfaces. The Lemur sends OSC messages to a Windows or Mac host computer over 100-base T Ethernet. Version 1.3 software expands the repertoire of OSC commands the host computer can send back to the Lemur, allowing any of the eight types of user interface objects to be changed on the fly. This allows the Lemur to be used both as a controller and a status monitor.

The upgrade also includes new messages for switching among the Lemur’s multiple interface “pages” from the host computer. This means, for example, that a composition could automatically change the interface presented to a performer as a piece progresses. Other new features include new graphic designs for many of the UI objects, six new functions for the Lemur’s built-in mathematical expression language and new ways to customize the appearance of the standard objects.

In other company news, Cycling ’74 has revamped its Website (, which now includes feature articles, improved application support, product tutorials and a Web-based interface to its user forum in addition to its product information and downloadable product updates.