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NAMM: eJamming Announces Upgrades

eJamming Inc., developers of the eJamming® Station, has announced the release of Version 1 for the PC and V. 1.1 for the Mac, which will be fully compatible with the new Macs powered by Intel processors. Both versions will also launch with the eJamming Station’s new internal sound bank designed by Sonic Implants that will enable musicians to select from a wide array of sounds.

eJamming Station works by managing the inherent delays that the Internet creates during the exchange of information between computers, minimizing latency and allowing musicians to jam with each other. Everybody hears what everyone else is playing at each location in sync, in real time, or as close to real time as the laws of physics allow. The software also caters to musicians of all levels of playing ability by offering different venues, stages and open jam sessions. Musicians will also be able to create private jams and stages to work on their own band’s material, as well as audition other eJamming members on special Leader Stages.

“The launch of the eJamming software for the PC opens the doors for millions of potential users,” explains eJamming Inc.’s president Alan Glueckman. “Our goal is to build an online community of musicians around the world who will be able to collaborate, share ideas and create music by simply plugging in their instruments into their home computer. It can even be used as a productive tool among members of the music business who need to collaborate with others across the country.”

eJamming is also launching the new version of its Website,, which boasts a new aesthetic feel, in-depth user interface, user profiles, MP3 archives of jam sessions and an interactive community forum.