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NAMM: Symetrix Lucid GENx192

Symetrix’s Lucid GENx192 provides an extremely low-jitter master clock reference in a variety of digital audio formats. Capable of handling sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz, the GENx192 has two operating modes, accessed through a straightforward front panel interface.

A Sync Source select knob allows the operator to choose between internal reference and distribution functions. In Distribution mode, an external AES or word clock sync source fed into the device appears at each of the GENx192’s 14 sync outputs.

When operating in Internal mode, the GENx192 generates an ultra-low jitter sync reference at frequencies up to 192 kHz. Its 14 outputs are split into two groups of seven, each capable of generating an independent multiple of the base frequency. Thus, the device is capable of generating two different frequencies, such as 96 kHz and 192 kHz, simultaneously.

The unit also includes circuitry that examines the word clock connections and indicates, via a rear panel LED, whether that particular connection is properly terminated.

For more information, visit or at NAMM booth #6699 Hall A.