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Nathaniel Kunkel Brings Common Bonds to Life With JBL LSR6300 Series Monitors

Common Bonds, a play written by Jan Michael Alejandro, is playing at the Secret Rose Theater, a 60-seat space in North Hollywood. The production includes a 5.1 surround sound system comprising JBL LSR6300 Series studio monitors and relies on movie-quality sound effects to create realistic environments.

“The way we’re using audio in Common Bonds is simply not done in such a small theater,” says Alejandro. “You just don’t get that kind of atmosphere through sound in a space of this size, and we thought organic, high-quality sound effects would provide more realism than static visual sets.”

Audio mixer Nathaniel Kunkel and chief engineer John Hurst designed an ambient audio landscape using a variety of samples at discreet points during the production. “We took an approach that should always be considered when working with multichannel audio, using it judiciously to provide the environment necessary for that particular scene,” Kunkel says. “For example, using environmental sounds really keeps the audience in tune with what’s taking place onstage.”

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