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National University of Ireland Installs Audient ASP8024 Console

Barbara Dignam, lecturer in studio recording and Ph.D. student at NUIM,
seated at the Audient ASP8024 desk.

The National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM) took delivery of a 36-channel Audient ASP8024 console. Dublin-based audio specialists Audio Warehouse provided NUIM with the new desk.

NUIM boasts the largest music department in Ireland and was the first in Ireland to offer undergraduate degree courses in music technology. It has been teaching post-graduate courses in music technology and computer music for the past eight years. Ph.D. students conduct research in computer music, sound synthesis and signal processing.

“It offers exactly what we need: low noise, in-line mixing, easy routing, plenty of channels, groups and subgroups, all within our budget,” says Dr. Victor Lazzarini, director of the university’s music technology laboratory who is known for his work developing the music programming language, Csound. “The Audient desk is the centerpiece of our studio. We do multitrack recording on an HD recorder, on a Mac and a PC, as well as mastering.

“It should be noted that the studio is a teaching lab, so the routing aspects of the desk—as well as things such as EQ’ing—are very important. The ASP8024 is a great training tool, as it has clear and logical signal paths with no hidden attributes. The principles of recording, mixing and mastering can be taught much better with Audient than on a digital desk.

“In addition, we use the ASP8024 for electronic music composition, so the computers are also sound sources,” Lazzarini continues. “I have an 8-speaker rig, which is used for surround sound experiments and composition using ambisonics. This is patched from the desk subgroups, which makes the whole thing very handy and easy to set up. The computers generate the 8-track decoded signal and I just route it through the desk.”

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