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Nelson Funk Chooses Genelec 8240A, 7270A Combination

Emmy Award-winning television sound mixer Nelson Funk purchased a new 5.1 surround monitor system comprised of five Genelec 8240A active monitors and a Genelec 7270A subwoofer. The speakers were purchased from Washington Professional Systems and are part of an upgrade for Funk’s personal recording studio.

Funk is widely known for his work on documentaries shown on networks including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, and was awarded Emmys for his mixing on Wolves At Our Door, National Geographic Explorer and Haunt of the Hippo. He prizes accurate sound and was won over by the Genelec monitors after Washington Professional Systems arranged for a demo in Funk’s own studio. “We listened to a lot of speakers and the Genelecs simply sounded the best of all,” Funk stated. “We do a lot of work in 5.1 surround and the Genelecs gave us the best sweet spot in the surround field.”

Greg Lukens, vice president and founder of Washington Professional Systems, says that the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM)—a loudspeaker control networking system that offers capability to control all system parameters, as well as detailed acoustical alignment of every loudspeaker in the system—also contributed to Funk’s decision. “The GLM system is well-engineered and well-done,” says Lukens. “It includes a calibration microphone, computer interface and the software, and it can create a marriage between the speaker and the space like nothing else. Plus, it lets the user tweak the results so you will get precisely what you want. I am especially impressed with how it does such a great job of phase-aligning the sub to the rest of the speakers, to the point where there is absolutely no localization of low frequencies.”

Funk agrees, adding, “The fact that we do have an automatic alignment of the speakers is very high on the list of why we chose Genelec. And, of course, they do sound really good.”

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