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Network News Service Chooses SSL’s MediaWAN Gravity System

Network News Service (NNS) of New York City placed an order with Solid State Logic for a MediaWAN Gravity solution. The solution purchased by NNS is comprised of 20 encoders and can store 32 terabytes of video on a fully mirrored Gravity server. Content is prepared for distribution at approximately 30 workstations within the facility. An additional 30 workstations nationwide connect to the client’s network via SSL’s Backhaul video distribution solution.

The Gravity Web client featured in this MediaWAN Gravity solution allows producers to remotely access, play back and manipulate content from their bureau or remotely via personal computer at any location. Solid State Logic has also created a custom module that allows all metadata to be transmitted to the news production server of the client’s numerous headquarters.

These headquarters feature MediaWAN Gravity editors that allow them to create finished pieces for distribution to affiliates. The client’s partner networks are then able to automatically schedule the transmission of these clips for distribution to their affiliates using Gravity’s automated scheduling software.

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