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Neutrik Donates Connectors to Music Resource Center

Music Resource Center student Vernon Christmas works in the center’s newly rewired control room for Studio A.

Neutrik recently provided an assortment of its XX Series and EMC-XLRs to The Music Resource Center, an after-school music education center for teenage children located in Charlottesville, Va. The Center uses the recording and performing arts to create a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the urban community.

The Neutrik donation will enable the Center to connect Studio A with the facility’s other four rooms. With only seven out of 100 microphone jacks currently working, the Neutrik products will complete the Center’s functionality. Additionally, the Center will use the Neutrik products as a tool for teaching audio engineering. With its expanded microphone lines, the Center can now provide greater in-depth instruction. It will also allow the Center to engineer the children’s recordings, as well as make their own albums.

“The upstairs space has a phenomenal reverb that’s great for drums, but we haven’t been able to use it because none of that equipment has been plugged in,” says Vijith Assar, membership coordinator at The Music Resource Center. “Now, when we record with the kids, we can put them upstairs and get these great sounds on their recordings.”

“Neutrik was more than willing to help The Music Resource Center reach its potential,” says Neutrik president Jim Cowan. “[It] is a quality organization positively impacting children in the community and equipping them with the life skills needed for a future in music and the performing arts. We wish The Music Resource Center continued success in its programs and outreach efforts.”

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