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New England Institute of Art Chooses Quested Monitors

The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Mass., chose Quested monitors for Studio G, the newest facility in its Audio & Media Technology program. Five VS2108s and one VS1115 were supplied by Parsons Audio for the studio’s 5.1 surround sound installation, which complements its Yamaha DM2000 digital console and Digidesign Pro Tools rig.

The Quested monitors are controlled via a remote Multimax surround controller and used in conjunction with a TC Electronic System 6000 surround reverb and mastering system.

“Quested monitors were the number-one choice, both for me and the faculty who have used them in numerous professional facilities,” says Bill Crabtree, assistant chair of the Audio & Media Technology program, who designed the studio with assistance from the college’s audio production faculty. “They are very natural sounding speakers with a high level of detail, and don’t color the sound in any way that needs to be compensated for during the mix. What you hear is what you get.

“We have several other studios at the school using a variety of studio monitors, but as a teaching institution, we think it is important to expose our students to a variety of listening environments and professional products,” Crabtree continues. “With this new facility, we wanted a very accurate and precise monitoring environment for our most advanced production classes. Quested monitors were the logical choice.”

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