New Hardware/Software for Audio Production

DIGIGRAM VXPOCKET 440 New from Digigram (, the VXPocket 440 is the latest in the Pocket line of PC cards for laptop audio production.
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New from Digigram (, the VXPocket 440 is the latest in the Pocket line of PC cards for laptop audio production. The VXPocket 440 has four balanced analog ins (mic or line-level), four balanced outs, one stereo S/PDIF I/O and an LTC timecode in. The card comes with a breakout cable with XLR and phono I/Os, and a mini-plug headphone out. The card features 24-bit performance with PC apps using Microsoft's Wave protocol, and PC and Mac ASIO applications. Retail is $850.


Symbolic Sound Corporation ( announces a FireWire interface for its Kyma sound design workstation. The 400Mbps interface provides a fast connection between a laptop or desktop computer running the Kyma.5 software and Symbolic Sound's multiprocessor Capybara*320 audio accelerator. Benefits include more disk tracks on both laptops and desktops — up to 24 mono tracks of 16-bit, 44.1kHz audio record/playback on a laptop, and 26 tracks of recording and playback tracks on a desktop machine. Downloads between Kyma and the Capybara*320 are said to be up to 6x faster over FireWire, and Kyma can now run on any FireWire-equipped computer. Other benefits include longer cable runs and easy upgrades. List price is $495 as a stand-alone unit, or $270 when purchased with a Kyma system.


CreamWare ( has introduced Version 3.01 software for the Luna II, PowerSampler and Elektra cards. Version 3.01 features a collection of new DSP effects including the new MasterVerb reverb, plus chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, limiter, gate, EQ and various delay effects. All effects use the same 32-bit precision algorithms employed by the larger CreamWare DSP systems. The new software also features user-interface improvements, mostly adopted from Pulsar software Version 3, including screen sets, Replace function and search engine. The Luna Recording Mixer and the 5.1 Surround Mixer have also been revised. Additional features include an “ultra-low latency” ASIO driver with 64 channels, AC3 Dolby Surround digital output via S/PDIF, and control room module with a test-tone generator. In addition, Luna II can now be used under Windows 2000/XP.


Otari Corp. ( recently introduced the CDP-64 Large-Scale CD-R Duplication Unit, a stand-alone CD-R duplication system featuring up to 64 CD-R drives. The robotics and material handling schemes are based on Otari's new Quick Disc™ Auto-Loading System, combined with a double-feed prevention/detection system, and allow for continuous duplication of up to 500 70-minute discs or 1,400 10-minute discs per hour. Data acquisition from a master disc is done at a maximum of 40x speed, and the CDP-64 handles most disc formats. Operation is via a large touch screen control panel, and discs are supplied and ejected as stacks on spindles. The system offers 12x CD-R drives; optional 16x drives will be available. To keep CD-R drives free from dust and vibration, the CDP-64 is housed in an enclosed, shock-floated chassis. The CDP-64 can also be reconfigured for DVD duplication.


New from Digidesign (, the Ultra 160/LVD DigiDrive processes data at 10,000 rpm, resulting in sustained data transfer rates 64% higher than previous models. The drive comes in 36GB and 73GB configurations, and is fitted with Digidesign/Avid's QuietDrive enclosure, said to reduce drive noise by up to 20 dB. Both 36GB and 73GB DigiDrives support SCSI cable lengths of up to 12 meters, and four units can be locked together in a stack configuration. An optional quick-release rack kit connects two drives side by side in a 2U rackspace. Other features include completely self-contained construction, front-mounted controls/indicators, and thermal-sensing circuitry to control fan speed.