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SPIN AUDIO 3D CHORUS Spin Audio's ( 3DChorus VST/DX plug-in is based on its earlier 3DDelays Windows-based, multitap dimensional space
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Spin Audio's ( 3DChorus VST/DX plug-in is based on its earlier 3DDelays Windows-based, multitap dimensional space delay plug-in, but it offers six independent stereo delay lines and modulated delay-based effects like chorus and flanger. 3DChorus has six modulated delay taps that can be placed freely at any point in a 3-D soundfield around the human head; each is true stereo and offers feedback control, LFO with five waveforms, tap gain and disable. Its 38 presets include A/B setups for quick comparison, inter-instance presets (for transferring plug-in state between instances), file preset sharing with other users and instantly recallable preset banks. Max tap delay is 100 ms; the software supports sample rates of up to 96 kHz and higher; and internal processing is 32-bit floating point.


VirtualVTR 1.5 from Gallery ( is designed to transform a Mac into a stand-alone, 9-pin or MIDI-controllable, nonlinear QuickTime VTR. VirtualVTR has been adopted by many Pro Tools users for moving the QuickTime video load off of their Pro Tools CPU and onto a dedicated Mac. It has also been employed in TV broadcast, DVD authoring and other high-end markets for recording picture with timecode, and externally controlled, synchronized playback of any QuickTime picture. New in Version 1.5 is support for Aurora Video Systems' Igniter Film, allowing VirtualVTR to play back 24 fps picture. With VirtualVTR and Igniter Film, users editing with Pro Tools can operate a completely 24 fps process, using a 24 fps timeline in Pro Tools and a 24 fps picture in VirtualVTR. The Igniter Film card plays a 24 fps picture, but it outputs a standard NTSC or PAL picture during playback for output to a monitor or projector. VirtualVTR 1.5 also adds support for the Contour Shuttle Pro desktop Jog/Shuttle controller.


The Ableton ( Live 1.0 is an audio sequencer designed to be played like an instrument. Geared toward live performance, Live allows recording and playing samples in real time using computer keyboard hot keys, MIDI notes or a mouse; and samples sync to song tempo in real time, without pitch change. Users can drag-and-drop, record, loop, effect, resample and launch sequences while the music is playing. Every action during a session is recorded and can be edited — including all mixer and effects automation. Live hosts VST plug-ins and ReWire client applications, and syncs to any MIDI clock source, with ASIO and DirectX compatibility. The package includes material from E-Lab and Big Fish Audio, plus a connection to Sonomic for instant access to an online samples/sound effects library. Retail is $349 for a “hybrid” format with both Windows and Mac versions.


Cycling '74 introduces Max 4 and MSP 2, the first major upgrades to the Mac-based interactive, graphical programming environment in more than five years. Max 4 includes new user-interface building tools and advanced features such as scripting and high-precision scheduling: Enhancements include Inspectors (Max user interfaces for editing details about user interfaces); floating-point scheduling (said to be precise to two samples); scripting commands to create/connect/move/hide/delete objects in a patcher; an Extras menu for quick access to useful tools; color-coded patch cords; contextual menus; and numerous new objects. MSP 2.0 adds polyphony management, waveform display and graphical filter design, plus support for sample-accurate scheduling, improved MIDI timing, and more than 40 new signal-processing and user-interface objects. Signal processing objects are now optimized for use with the G4 Velocity Engine (Altivec). Audio I/O improvements include support for all major 8- to 32-bit audio file formats, 512 I/O channels, and interapplication audio connections using Propellerheads ReWire, Steinberg VST and Digidesign DirectConnect. Max 4/MSP 2 is $495; demo versions, purchases and upgrades are available online at


The PSP ( VintageWarmer is a software simulation of an analog-style multiband compressor, combining “warm analog” sound with a straightforward user interface. The processor can be used for single and multiband compression and brick-wall limiting, and comes with a library of presets; emphasis has been placed on the processor's overload characteristics, with the software designed to generate saturation effects typical of analog tape recorders. Other features include shelf filters, VU and PPM metering and overload indicators. VintageWarmer comes in VST, PC and Mac versions; DirectX and MOTU MAS and Digidesign RTAS are on the way. List price is $149.


Universal Audio ( announces the development of its SmartCode Pro line of software encoders for Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer 3. There are three versions of SmartCode Pro for DP users: DTS-DVD ($1,495) for encoding prior to DTS-format DVD duplication; DTS-CD ($495) for creating 5.1 preview masters using standard CD-burners; and Dolby Digital ($795) for creating AC3 DVD masters.


Glyph Technologies ( is now shipping its M Project FireWire hard drive solution for Mark of the Unicorn hard disk recording systems. Designed in a joint effort by both companies and extensively tested with MOTU systems, M Project is the first FireWire hard drive solution officially approved by MOTU for the 828 and all MOTU PCI-324-based systems, including the 2408mkII, 1296, 1224 or 24i. M Project is in a single-rackspace, AC-powered drive enclosure with 40GB hard drives running at 7,200 rpm.


BIAS ( announced Peak DV, a new version of Peak designed for digital video editors. The software is Mac OS X native, and offers a full audio editing feature set…Digidesign ( is now shipping the Control|24 TRS DigiSnake Kit, a new all-TRS version of the XLR/TRS DigiSnake Kit. The cable kit includes seven custom 25-foot color-coded, custom-labeled 8-channel cable snakes, all DB25 to TRS connectors. List price: $695. In other Digi news, the company announced the Digi ToolBox CD bundle, which features the Audiomedia III card, Pro Tools LE software, MasterList CD, Maxim, DINR and D-Verb…CreamWare ( announced that its TripleDAT hard disk recording software is now available as a native plug-in for CreamWare DSP systems. The plug-in includes two effects packages, previously available only at additional cost: The FireWalkers effects suite includes an 8-band equalizer, chorus, flanger, FFT analyzer and more; osiris is CreamWare's real-time audio restoration package with de-clicking, de-noising and more…Native Instruments ( introduced the Vintage Collection ($99), a tonewheel set add-on for its B4 organ emulation offering a set of new virtual tonewheels that give the B4 the classic tones of a Vox Continental, Farfisa Compact or Indian Harmonium, and includes several B3 emulations. Also, the B4 can now be tuned to six different frequencies…Panasonic ( and GEAR Software announced that GEAR's DVD recording products are compatible with Panasonic's 4.7GB DVD-RAM/R drive, the DVDBurner…E-mu/Ensoniq's new Website,, caters specifically to SoundFont users around the world. Check it out!