New Hardware/Software for Audio Production

TC WORKS SPARK 2.5 Enhancements in TC Works' ( Spark Version 2.5 audio editing application include an improved edit window with two cursors


Enhancements in TC Works' ( Spark Version 2.5 audio editing application include an improved edit window with two cursors to simplify navigation and editing and the implementation of scrubbing. Also new is a user-definable effect matrix size in the Master screen, a mono audition function, and support of OS X and multiprocessor systems. TC Works celebrates its fifth anniversary by offering the upgrade for free to all Spark 2.0 users.


The EMI 62 m from Emagic ( is a 6-in, 2-out, 24-bit/96kHz USB audio and MIDI interface. Ideal for mobile recording and notebook computers, the interface is approximately the size of video cassette and draws its power via the USB port. The EMI 62 m provides six analog recording and two analog playback channels, and two RCA jacks that can be used as either S/PDIF or MIDI I/Os; the unit also has two additional USB ports. A built-in headphone amplifier facilitates monitoring.


Steinberg's ( WaveLab 4.0 sound design/audio editing application for Windows now features ASIO and WDM driver support, Data CD and Mixed Mode CD burning, real-time and offline monitors, a back-up tool, label editor, meta leveler and more. The software also comes with a new set of plug-ins including NaturalVerb, the Q mastering EQ plug-in, a multiband compressor, the Spectralizer enhancer and Apogee UV22 dithering processing.


Spectrasonics (distributed by Ilio Entertainments, introduces the Stylus native plug-in that combines original “groove creation” elements with a customized interface that expands the capabilities of Spectrasonics' Groove Control system. Stylus comes with nearly 3 GB (tens of thousands) of elements covering a wide variety of genres, including R&B, trip-hop, acid jazz, trance, funk, alternative, rap, drum ‘n’ bass and more. Loops can be remixed in real time and are presented in Spectrasonics' Groove Control versions, which provide independent control over pitch, tempo, feel and pattern without using DSP.


Now shipping, Edirol's ( SuperQuartet HQ (High Quality) software synth provides a variety of piano, guitar, bass and drum sounds. The plug-in works with both VST and DXi host applications and Cakewalk's Music Creator — an included basic DXi host application. Features include three drum sets (expandable to 128) and 67 instruments (expandable to 384), with 16-part multi-instrument playback, 128-voice polyphony, chorus and reverb effects, 24-bit/96kHz processing performance and customizable editing parameters.


Voyager Sound Inc. ( introduces GraphiMix 01, the first in a series of audio mixing software applications designed to enhance control of MIDI-compatible hardware such as mix consoles, sequencers and PC sound cards. GraphiMix is based around a user-definable onscreen soundfield with icons that represent individual sound elements, and it uses the position or state of the graphic icons to set controls such as gain, pan and effects, adding functionality to hardware while providing a universal control surface. Features include support for multiple stereo and surround mixes, drag-and-drop operation and full feature presets with scene and state recall. GraphiMix 01 is now available for $129 from the Voyager Sound Website; GraphiMix PRO (slated for deliveries this month) includes extra features such as Voyager Sound's Audio Wizard.


Sonic Solutions ( released Version 3.1 of its AuthorScript set of developer tools for integrating DVD, Video CD (VCD) and Super Video CD (SVCD) creation into video applications. New features in this upgrade enable applications developers to address the needs of the rapidly emerging market for home DVD recording, including OpenDVD Support, Edit-on-DVD, transcoding, direct burning to disc and and a virtually unlimited number of menus. QuickTime movies are now supported, and DVD+R/RW drives are supported with AuthorScript's integrated DVD burn engine.