UPGRADES AND UPDATES Emagic (, E-mu ( and Steinberg (www.steinberg. de) are the most recent developers to announce support for

UPGRADES AND UPDATESEmagic (, E-mu ( and Steinberg (www.steinberg. de) are the most recent developers to announce support for the BeOS multi- media-optimized operating system. Emagic's Logic Audio Platinum, Gold and Silver and Audiowerk 8 will offer support early this year, and E-mu's Audio Production Studio and Steinberg's NUENDO will also be BeOS-compatible this year. Visit Be Inc.'s Web site at for the latest developments...Alesis offers a free M20 Version 2 software upgrade, featuring RS-422 9-pin synchronization, to all registered users. Visit, or call 800/5-ALESIS...This month, HHB ( expands its range of media related products: The MO5.25GB is a magneto-optical disk, individually tested and certified for a range of equipment. Bulk-packaged CD-R discs, packed 600 to a box, feature a silver reflective recording surface to give the impression of long-run mastering and pressing. And HHB publishes a free new publication, A Guide to Choosing and Using Digital Audio Recording Media, available from the manufacturer and its dealers...DUY ( announces Pro Tools|24 MIX-compatible versions of all its TDM plug-ins; upgrades are free to registered users...WaveFrame (www. recently signed a development agreement with E-mu-Ensoniq to support the E-mu Audio Production Studio...CD CyClone Duplication Systems introduces the T-8, a self-contained 8-drive CD duplication system featuring an interactive LCD touchscreen and 4x drives. Visit www. (, Yamaha (www.yamaha. com), Event Electronics ( and Digital Audio Labs ( recently announced they will deliver products for AudioX, Cakewalk's proposed open driver specification for audio software products to control the functionality of advanced PC audio cards. A developers' meeting was held last month in Los Angeles; watch this spot for updates. In other Cakewalk news, ScoreWriter, a low-cost, entry-level scoring application was introduced...Yamahaintroduces a hardware accelerator for Microsoft's DirectMusic application programming interface, enabling the offload of DirectMusic synthesis to dedicated hardware, reducing CPU overhead and latency. More information is available at acSourcery ( and AudioEase ( jointly introduced Version 2.5 of BarbaBatch, a batch audio processor. New features include QDesign support and segment conversion...A cool tool for Mac users:Walnut Systems' ( Cruise Control, an automation utility for the Macintosh, can turn your computer on and off, check and print e-mail, and power up and run virus scans and backup at night. Retail is $85.