HOT OFF THE SHELF A new DVD shows George Massenburg explaining the GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller, aka The Limiter. The DVD was produced by GML distributor
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HOT OFF THE SHELFA new DVD shows George Massenburg explaining the GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller, aka The Limiter. The DVD was produced by GML distributor AID and the new software firm Massenburg DesignWorks. For info, call 323/845-1155...BSS Audio has completed the Soundbench PC Control software upgrade; Version 3 enables users to integrate and control all BSS Omnidrive and Varicurve products in a single software package. Call 615/360-0277...Performance Publications has released its 1999 Performance Concert Production Guide, the 12th edition of the touring industry reference work. The 240-page, $75 guide includes 21 separate sections, listing manufacturers, service providers and rental companies. Call 817/338-9444...Spirit By Soundcraft has released Version 1.1 for the Digital 328 console. The software, which includes channel linking, MIDI controller fader assignment and stereo groups, may be downloaded from now offers a complete family of digital media for pro recording, including MD-PRO, DAT, DTRS and ADAT formats. Call 800/634-9366, or visit ...Middle Atlantic Products' Multi-Desk System 2 of customizable, modular studio furniture includes a rectangular desk, two corner workstations and a siderack, all available with overbridges. All components ship flat for easy screwdriver assembly. Call 973/839-1011...Upgraded Version 3.1a software for New Frontier's DSP 2010-EX analyzer offers enhancements to the Logarithmic Sweep and Energy/Time modes and adds a manual trigger function. Call 215/862-9344 or visit a new brochure on Physical Optics Corporation's digital fiber-optic communication product line, call 800/214-0222 or visit ...TRF Production Music Libraries launched the 21-CD Cobra Production Music Library, offering original themes ranging from symphony orchestras to small ensembles in categories such as Sports/Action, Urban, Travel, Nostalgia, News, Children, etc. Call 800/899-MUSIC...Parts Express has a 260-page catalog of electronic parts and accessories for audio applications. For your copy, call 800/338-0531 or visit New titles from Prompt Publications include Electronic Circuit Guidebook, Vol. 6: Electronic Oscillators by Joseph J. Carr (336 pages, $34.95) and ES&T Audio Troubleshooting and Repair by ES&T Magazine (272 pages, $24.95). Call 800/428-7267...Belden Wire & Cable debuts Brilliance CMR-rated 1408R and CM-rated 1509C Series Audio Snake cables, available in pair sizes ranging from four- to 32-pair. Call 800/BELDEN-4 or visit AV Series cable reels feature welded channels allowing multiple reels to be stacked for storage and transportation. A side-mounted connector panel accommodates XLR and/or BNC connectors. Call 800/GOREELS, or visit