HOT OFF THE SHELF Sections of the Meyer Sound Design Reference, a handbook created by veteran SIM engineer Bob McCarthy, have been posted at www.;

HOT OFF THE SHELF Sections of the Meyer Sound Design Reference, ahandbook created by veteran SIM engineer Bob McCarthy, have been postedat www.; the printed version may be ordered by calling510/486-1166... New Sensor Corporation offers U.S. military JANsub-miniature tubes. The "New Old Stock" is unused and in its originalpackaging. Call 212/526-0466 or visit PROMUSIC isnow the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Soundtrax Music Library, a13-CD collection produced in Sydney, Australia. PROMUSIC also has addedthe Elements collection. Demo CDs are available for both collections.Call 888/600-8988 or visit new TOAElectronics Product Guide includes a detailed Series 900 module chartand an instruction guide for configuring TOA modular wireless systems.Call 800/733-7088...The Svetlana Electron Devices Audio Tube Catalogfeatures detailed technical specs and performance curves. Call650/233-0429 or visit The ARX Systems CD-ROMcontains information on ARX amps, signal processors, equalizers andspeaker systems, plus related documentation. For a CD-ROM, send ane-mail to duncan@arx. or visit www.arx. ProductionMusic Libraries adds five new CDs: Celtic Fusion, in the BosworthSeries, New Age from the Musictrack series, Comedy (from the Bosworthcollection) and Techno/House/Dance and R&B/Hip Hop from thePowersound series. All five releases contain 60-, 30- and 15-secondversions. Call 800/899-MUSIC...The 148-page Jameco Electronics catalogfeatures thousands of ICs, components, tools, test equipment andcomputer products. For a free catalog, which includes over 350 newproducts, call 800/831-4242 or visit www.jameco. com...Middle AtlanticProducts intros two single-rackspace power distribution/ sequencingunits. The 15-amp PDS-615R provides six-step, time-delayed sequencingto six rear AC outlets. The PDS-2X315R is identical but uses two 15-ampcircuits to power three outlets each. Prices are $560 and $611.25,respectively. Call 973/839-1011...Nemal Electronics' catalog of cable,connectors and related products is available online at ormay be ordered by calling 800/522-2253...TecNec's Broadcast ProductCatalog features 800 new products. TecNec is the leading distributorfor over 750 different manufacturers, including Canare, Kramer andShure. Call 800/543-0909 or surf to MolexMicroCross(tm)/P&D-D (Plug & Display-Digital) connectorsupports a bandwidth of over 2 GB on digital lines, enabling a singlevideo connection to host systems for digital displays. Call800/78-MOLEX...Pomona Electronics' Model 6273 fully insulated BNC50-ohm coaxial cable offers protection against shock hazards byfeaturing fully insulated BNC connectors at both ends and a 500 VRMSmax. rating. Call 909/469-2900 or visit