New Products

New products for the studio and stage


Multimic Samples of Bright and Brash Backbeaters

FXpansion, now a part of ROLI, has released BFD Metal Snares ($70) for BFD3. Each of the five handselected snare drums was recorded with two top mics, one bottom mic, and one side mic, along with mono room, ribbon room and far room ambience channels. Also in the mix are two additional stereo reverb channels. BFD3 is the third generation of FXpansion’s flagship software acoustic drum studio, featuring a revamped interface with a new mixer and sound browser.

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Optimized Gain for Ribbon Mics

The AEA RPQ2 ($TBA) is a 2-channel preamp that improves on the original with custom knobs and a new color front panel DI, post-mic and pre-EQ inserts, and a lightweight and smaller chassis. Other features include switchable phantom power for condenser and active ribbon mics, a polarity switch, and Mic/Line mode with corresponding LED indicators. The 12-position volume knob provides from +13 dB to +62 dB of gain for the preamplifier circuit, as measured between the input and output line driver. There is also a switched LF shelving filter and switchable CurveShaper EQ. The 500 Series version offers the same features in a single-channel, vertical orientation.

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Big Bottom From a Plug-in

The Substance Bass Engine ($199) from Output features processed electric and acoustic basses, brass sections and analog synths. The interface combines three layers of sources and blends them together with layer and global FX, filters, modulation, an advanced arpeggiator, flux control and macros. Features include a preset menu with smart tagging, layer FX and global FX, four macro sliders unique to each preset, monophonic and legato modes, and a rhythm page that syncs to tempo.

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Five Models for ENG and Documentary Audio

The QXS Series boom poles ($344 for the shortest, up to $708 for the longest) use a five-segment design along with lightweight and durable 1mm pull-wind carbon fiber tubes featuring knurled collars for outstanding grip, especially with gloves, and enhanced segment locking with new compression rings and mating nuts with steep threads. The booms come in five models with extended lengths from 6.4 to 17.7 feet, offering multiple internal cable options. Adding internal cables adds $140 to $220 depending on type and length.

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8-Channel Expansion for ADAT-enabled I/O

The Focusrite Clarett OctoPre ($699.99) features eight Clarett mic preamps, eight line outputs and ADAT interfacing. The mic preamps include a switchable analog “Air” effect that models the sonic signature of the classic Focusrite ISA mic preamp. Other features include 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion up to 192 kHz, 118dB dynamic range, eight analog outputs, switched insert points on every channel, and two instrument inputs. Other features include six–segment LED input metering on every channel, switchable 48-volt phantom power on every channel (1 through 4 and 5 through 8) and word clock I/O with JetPLL jitter elimination technology.

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Two-Stage Processing Plus Eight Bands

The ML8000 Advanced Limiter ($229) offers two completely separate stages of processing for significantly improved peak-level adjustment. The first stage, the Multi-band Limiter, uses eight bands of active processing each with its own gain and threshold (output ceiling) control. Additional overall band controls include release time and limiter modes, calibrated similarly to the modes of the original highly acclaimed McDSP ML4000 limiter. An additional Focus mode provides subtle articulation changes in how each band tracks and limits the incoming signal. The second stage of the ML8000, the Master Limiter, is a precise re-creation of the patented ML4000 limiter algorithm, right down to the limiter modes. The Master Limiter also includes filter design enhancements to further reduce peak distortion.

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Network Comms for Studio, Stage and Theater

Straight out of AES in L.A., the new range of Sonifex AVN (Audio/ Video/Network) talkback/listening/paging intercoms aid communication between studios, stages, theaters, offices, and different areas in a facility or building complex. The AVN range uses Ravenna as the communication method, providing compatibility with other AES67 systems and allowing simple Cat-5 cabling and expansion. Features include an advanced feature set allowing them to be used in multiple applications with both 4-wire analog I/O, as well as AoIP network audio connectivity.

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Acoustic Guitar Expansion for iPad and Desktop

Positive Grid updates the popular BIAS FX amp-and-effects guitar processor with a new effects expansion pack for acoustic guitar. Users can choose from acoustic guitar pickup emulations and add them to BIAS FX’s dual signal chain, then integrate them with BIAS Amp models. Users can also share, download and customize pedal boards on the ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s tone sharing platform. Effect models include an Acoustic EQ, Imager and Chorus. The Acoustic Image pedal neutralizes a guitar’s pickup and then restores the natural body resonance.

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Boomer Promises Fast Attack, Operation Down to 27 Hz

The VS21 from BASSBOSS ($3,995) features a hybrid vented short-horn enclosure delivering exceptional transient response thanks to performance efficiencies at the upper end of its operating range. Features include fast attack and high performance due to a large acoustical volume, low tuning and the massive displacement of a longexcursion 21-inch woofer—up to 58mm of excursion peak-to-peak. Frequency response is 27 to 100 Hz at 132 dB of continuous output.

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Portable Digital Mixer for Small Venues

Yamaha’s TF-RACK Console ($TBA) is a compact rackmount version of the company’s TF Series digital mixing consoles. TF-RACK offers all of the features found in TF Series desktop models released in 2015, including fast, accurate gain setup, single step compression and EQ, and microphone specific presets to even the most modest sound reinforcement applications. TF-RACK fits in a 3U rackspace and includes Steinberg Nuendo Live recording software, apps for mixing and expansion capabilities. Yamaha has also partnered with Ultimate Ears, a premier supplier of in-ear monitoring products, to create presets for the TF Series to provide stunning sonic clarity for the performer.

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Restyled, Customizable Handhelds

The newly restyled enCORE 100 ($99) and enCORE 200 ($149) from Blue Microphones provide a darker, sleek aesthetic. The models can be further customized with included grille color options to match the character of a performance or stage setup. Both units include two grilles: the new matte black option, plus the original chrome grille for enCORE 100 and original rosegold grille for enCORE 200. The enCORE 100 features a dynamic capsule custom-tuned for exceptional detail, clarity and optimal frequency response, while the enCORE 200 is a phantom-powered active dynamic microphone ensuring powerful and consistent performance regardless of mic cable length.

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Passive Design for Install Sound Reinforcement

The BlacklineX Loudspeakers from Martin Audio ($TBA) offers four two-way systems—the ultra-compact X8, X15, plus three subwoofers, including an unobtrusive slim-line model. Each symmetrical, multi-angle enclosure features a user-rotatable horn for horizontal or vertical orientation, plus a screw-free, foam-backed steel grille. Units can be mounted via wall-bracket, eyebolt suspension or pole mounting. Ergonomic handles at the rear of each full-range enclosure make for easy handling while maintaining clean lines. All BlacklineX Series enclosures are constructed from plywood and are finished with a durable black textured coating, with white and custom RAL color options available to order.