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New Products July 2013

Prism Sound has released two new versions of SADiE 6 ( SADiE 6 Professional ($1,660) and SADiE 6 Lite ($785). The new versions are aimed at users who wish to edit on the go and who don’t require audio restoration, networking or mastering capabilities. 

Prism Sound SADiE 6 Pro and Lite

DAW for the Road

Prism Sound has released two new versions of SADiE 6 ( SADiE 6 Professional ($1,660) and SADiE 6 Lite ($785). The new versions are aimed at users who wish to edit on the go and who don’t require audio restoration, networking or mastering capabilities. SADiE 6 Lite retains the core capabilities of SADiE but with a restricted track count, while SADiE 6 Professional can handle unlimited tracks and incorporates one year of free support, including all major updates. Both versions feature non-destructive editing tools such as the Playlist, Trim and Region editors and also provide a slimmed-down core set of iZotope VST plug-ins and SADiE channel strip processing.

Ambient Tiny Lockit

Timecode Generator/Transceiver

Ambient’s Tiny Lockit (; $891) features a rock-solid, highly accurate, temperature compensating timecode generator. Features include a variable timecode output level for recording timecode on an audio track, MIDI timecode interface with MTC/LTC conversion, support for all frame rates, bright OLED display, built-in antenna and operation for up to 12 hours on two AAA batteries.

Harrison Mixbus Version 2.3

New Plug-Ins, Faster Workflow

Harrison ( has released Mixbus Version 2.3, a free upgrade to the company’s full-featured DAW with “True Analog Mixing,” a combination of Harrison’s world-renowned sound and features in an affordable, knob-per-function interface. Workflow enhancements include several new shortcuts for faster bus assignments, user-driven editing and keymap overhaul, making Mixbus more intuitive. Plus, this upgrade includes three new high-end plug-ins for evaluation and purchase. Mixbus for new users is $219 and available from the company’s Website.

Sanken CU-55

Affordable Side Address

Sanken’s new CU-55 (; $1,195) features a 16mm capsule with a resonant chamber that has been tuned to create a perfect cardioid pattern, and is omnidirectional below 50 kHz. This new-generation microphone is flat at 90 degrees and flat on-axis, with very little proximity effect. The CU-55 uses the same diaphragm material as Sanken’s CU-100 and CUW-180 mics and is targeted at recording acoustic instruments such as guitars, cello, harp and piano. Other features include a -10dB attenuation switch for two sensitivity settings, flat frequency response (40 Hz to 20 kHz) and maximum SPL of 137 dB at 1% THD.

Blue Cat Audio Liny EQ 5.0

Eight Bands, No Waiting

The Liny EQ from Blue Cat Audio ( is an 8-band linear phase graphic equalizer with very low latency and comprehensive visual feedback. Features include latency less than 3 milliseconds, a fully customizable user interface, new EQ shapes, single and dual channel modes, a new presets manager, Windows AAX support, multiple display sizes, new MIDI and automation mapping capabilities, and much more. The plug-in is available as a stand-alone ($219) or as part of Blue Cat’s Master Pack ($599), a bundle that includes Blue Cat’s mastering plug-ins.

Canare AES-3iD Converters

From This to That

The AES-3id optical converters ($2,100) from Canare ( multiplex and optically convert AES signals from up to eight ports (16 audio channels), allowing them to be transmitted over long distances. The converters are Dolby E-compatible and come in eight types (distinguished by emitted light wavelengths from 1471nm to 1611nm) and use coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) to allow AES signals from up to 128 audio channels to be transmitted via a single fiber-optic cable.

Royer Labs R-121 Limited Edition Mic

Happy Birthday Ribbon

Royer Labs ( is celebrating 15 years as a manufacturer of ribbon mics with the release of the 15th Anniversary R-121 Limited Edition Ribbon Microphone ($1,395). Along with carrying the original Royer black logo, the R-121 Limited Edition also ships with a special 15th Anniversary Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by David Royer, the chief engineer after whom the company is named. The R-121 features high SPL capabilities, no internal active electronics, low residual noise, and a field-replaceable ribbon element.

Symetrix SymNet xControl

Expander for Install

The SymNet xControl ($TBA) from Symetrix ( is designed for use with the SymNet Edge and Radius family of DSP products for conferencing and paging applications. For those installations where Edge and Radius’ eight onboard control inputs and eight logic outputs require expansion, xControl provides an additional 16 inputs, 16 outputs and two RS-232 ports. SymNet Composer open architecture software provides comprehensive setup and management of xControl. The half-rack devices can be mounted side-by-side or may be surface-mounted; all hardware is included, as is a PoE injector for direct powering.


Avid S3L Live Console

Scalable Power, AVB Connectivity

The S3L from Avid (; $18,000 to $28,000) comprises three main hardware components that go with the Pro Tools (and AAX plug-ins), Venue and VenueLink software. The 16-fader S3 control surface is slim and lightweight (14 pounds). It offers 10-segment meters, four analog inputs (two XLR mic/line, two TRS line), four analog outs (two XLR line, two TRS line), two Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports and two USB 2 ports. The E3 engine is a two-rackspace, HDX-powered, floating-point DSP-based device that offers 64 input channels with full processing; onboard 4-band parametric EQ on every input and output channel; 24 aux buses (LCR, plus eight mono matrices and eight VCAs); onboard dynamics; 32-bit floating point processing; plug-in support based on AAX DSP; and direct Pro Tools support with no interface required. The basic system’s four-rackspace unit comes with 16 XLR mic inputs with preamps and eight XLR outs, along with four channels of AES3 input/output. There are also 2 Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports, with the ability to daisychain up to four Stage 16 boxes.

QSC AcousticDesign Loudspeakers

Surface Mount Masters

QSC Audio Products ( has added the S8T, S10T and S12 loudspeakers ($TBA) to its AcousticDesign Series line of premium surface-mount loudspeakers. Ideally suited for a variety of foreground/background sound reinforcement applications, these new models feature both constant-voltage (70/100V) and low-impedance operating modes and offer an elegant design combined with rugged durability that is perfect for spaces that require high-quality distributed audio. The patent-pending X-Mount (included) enables the loudspeakers to be quickly and securely deployed either vertically or horizontally from a flat surface. Pan, tilt and yaw adjustments further ensure that the loudspeakers can be positioned to minimize impact on any interior or venue sightlines.