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ROLAND VS-2480 Roland's ( VS-2480 V-Studio offers 24-track/24-bit recording (at up to 96 kHz), 384 virtual tracks (up to 16 can be recorded
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Roland's ( VS-2480 V-Studio offers24-track/24-bit recording (at up to 96 kHz), 384 virtual tracks (upto 16 can be recorded simultaneously) and automated64-channel/34-bus digital mixing with up to eight stereo effectsprocessors. Editing features include 1,000 markers, 100 locators,999 levels of Undo, ASCII keyboard and mouse inputs for easierediting, and a VGA monitor connection for viewing the most commonLCD screens. Each channel has dynamics and 4-band EQ and two stereoeffects processors offering reverb, delay, COSM guitaramp/mic/speaker modeling, and a Mastering Tool Kit. Faders cancontrol inputs, tracks, auxes, effects returns and MIDIinformation. Options include a meter bridge and channel EditController.
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A loop-based composition and performance program for the Mac,radiaL from Cycling ’74 ( is designed forcomposition, sound design and live performance. The applicationoffers loop-sequencing functions such as Tempo, Pitch and SampleEditing in a modular environment centered around a“cockpit-style” interface with “loopgauges.” Users can create their own modules or work from theprovided components within Cycling ’74's Max/MSP environment.The software supports .AIF, .WAV and MP3 files; features includesample-accurate loop playback with pitch and time shifting, anautomatable modulation matrix, MotorMix support and multichannelI/O, with support for ASIO, ReWire, DirectConnect and VST. A freeloop library is included. radiaL will be available next quarter forless than $200.
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Glyph ( announced a FireWire edition of itsX-Project drive for the Digi 001 and other DAWs. The unit isoptimized for A/V production, configuration is tabletop orrackmountable, and it has 30 MB of storage space with a spindlespeed of 7,200 rpm. Because it's FireWire, it has hot-pluggabledynamic reconfiguration, and it automatically mounts on thedesktop. Glyph also offers WildFire™, a3-in-1 CD-RW that writes at 8×, rewrites at 4× and readsat 32× speeds. It's Disk-at-Once Red Book compliant andincludes a cable and Toast software.
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Applied Acoustic Systems ( introducedVersion 2.0 of its Tassman physical modeling-based modular softwaresynth. New in Version 2: support for Dxi and VST plug-in formats,reduced latency, better integration of the Builder/Playerinterfaces and new sound modules. Other Tassman features include32-bit floating-point calculations, polyphonic, multitimbralfunctionality, customizable MIDI support, hundreds of pre-patchedinstruments and synths, full parameter customization of all modulesand import/export of audio samples (8- or 16-bit mono or stereo.WAV files).
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Steinberg introduces ( HALion, a VSTinstrument sampler. Features include an embedded loop editor withextensive crossfade functions, such as nondestructive editing andautomatic identification of zero crossings, a Keyzone window thatallows drag-and-drop sample loading and velocity and layermodification via resizing a keyzone. A variety of filters arebuilt-in; effects include a Fatness function. Samples are streameddirectly from disk to eliminate RAM limitations. HALion iscompatible with most CD sample libraries; it supports .WAV, .AIFand Akai import, with more format support planned.
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Antares ( released Version 3 of itsAuto-Tune pitch correction software. The upgrade has a completelyredesigned interface with an Automatic mode for real-timecorrection of pitch problems or a Graphical mode for more detailedwork. Auto-Tune now offers phase-coherent pitch correction ofstereo tracks and includes a Bass mode that lowers the lowestdetectable frequency for correction by an octave, down to 25 Hz,for pitch-correcting fretless bass and other low-registerinstruments. Target pitches can be set in real time via MIDI, and aMake Scale from MIDI function lets Auto-Tune construct customscales played from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer. It also nowsupports 96kHz resolution.
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The Data Silo DS351 from Storcase ( is a steelrackmount enclosure designed to house four 3.5- or 5.25-inch,half-height CD-ROM, optical disk, tape or hard drives, includingStorCase's Data Express removable drive enclosures. The 4-bayexpansion chassis is available wired and unwired and can support upto four separate host interfaces. The Data Silo DS320 houses two3.5-inch or 5.25-inch drives, and is prewired for either single- ordual-host interfaces. The Data Express®DE100 is a removable drive enclosure for mounting 3.5-inch,half-height or low-profile SCSI or IDE drives into 5.25-inch,half-height peripheral bays. All Data Express models feature afront-accessible key lock that secures the carrier within thereceiving frame.
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Kind of Loud's ( Pro Tools 5.1-compatibleversions of RealVerb 5.1, SmartPan Pro, Tweetie, Woofie and theSmartCode Pro encoders are shipping. In addition, Digidesign willbundle Tweetie and Woofie…Berkley Integrated Audio Software( announces that Deck 2.7 is now available. Decknow supports most ASIO-compatible audio hardware. Upgrades to Deck2.7 are free for customers who purchased BIAS Deck 2.62 orlater…Waves announces a version of the L2 UltraMaximizer forPro Tools 24|MIX TDM systems (Mac only);…Roland ( continues down theUSB path with the SC-D70 Sound Canvas, an audio/MIDIinterface/synthesizer. The unit has 24-bit A/D/A conversion,GM2/GS, coaxial/optical I/O, MIDI I/O and a mic/hi-Zinput…Bitheadz ( Retro AS-1 and Unity DS-1have been updated to Version 2.1.1; both versions now includedirect support for the Roland PC-300 USB MIDI keyboard…HalLeonard ( has partnered with the Yamaha MusicSales Group ( to form YMH Digital Publishing todevelop Internet-based products…XyTech released MetaVault, amedia asset software system. MetaVault features media contentstorage database with Search, Inventory and Shipping/Receivngfunctions; visit for more information…LaCie( is now shipping its 10GB, 20GB and 30GBPocketDrives™, which measure3.5×5.75×0.6 inches, weigh less than a pound, and offerUSB and FireWire support…Luxor debuts the LCT-15, an oakmobile computer workstation desk with a 3-tier computer workstationsetup with recessed monitor well, CD storage rack, pull-outkeyboard shelf, CPU tower holder and more. Check it out at