New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

MINNETONKA DTS ENCODER Minnetonka Audio Software ( is now shipping SurCode DVD Professional, a DTS Surround Sound encoder for


Minnetonka Audio Software ( is now shipping SurCodeDVD Professional, a DTS Surround Sound encoder for DVD-Video discs.SurCode accepts surround recordings from any source as .WAV or.AIFF sound files, and outputs encoded files that can be used withDVD-Video authoring software. The software is licensed andcertified by DTS. SurCode runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NTsystems; list price is $1,995.
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Propellerheads Software ( introduces ReWire 2.0, across-platform software that transfers MIDI and audio betweenapplications. Version 2.0 integrates MIDI, audio and transportcontrol invisibly by connecting ReWire 2.0-compatible applications.ReWire can also interrogate parameters in ReWire 2.0 instrumentsand replace controller numbers with parameter names in theapplication MIDI editors. Applications are synchronized, and ReWire2.0 is backward-compatible.
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Steinberg's ( Voice Machine is a pitchprocessor that can process files in real time or create new ones;the software offers two effect tools for VST: The VM Generatorcreates up to four additional voices by triggering them via MIDINote On/Off events, so vocal arrangements can be played along withthe lead vocal with the keyboard in real time or by drawing MIDInote events in any VST sequencer. The VM Processor changes thepitch of a voice without changing the original character, allowingthe user to correct intonation or change the melody. In addition,Steinberg's VST 2.0 enables parameter control via MIDI controllerevents. Independent pitch shift and character profile controls canbe used independently — for natural pitch shifting — orused interactively to create effects, such as simulating othersinging voices or imprinting the character of a male voice onto afemale voice track. Other features include portamento and tunecorrection (VD Processor) and LFO for vibrato simulation. Retail:$149.
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Emagic ( the EMI 2|6, a multichannel audio interface for USB offeringsix playback and two recording channels at 24-bit resolution. Thecompact (1.5×7.5×4.5-inch) EMI 2|6 features proprietarytechnology for transferring multichannel audio via USB without datareduction. According to Emagic, this lack of perceivable latencyallows software instruments (such as Emagic's ES1, EVP88 and EXS24and VST 2.0-compatible instruments) to be played in real time.Additional EMI 2|6 features include S/PDIF I/O, support for 44.1-and 48k sampling rates and a built-in headphone amp. Status LEDsindicate bit quantization, digital/analog input processing,external/internal sync, sample rate and I/O signal presence. TheEMI 2|6 includes EASI and ASIO drivers for MacOS 9.0.4 and up, aswell as EASI, ASIO, MME and DirectSound-compatible drivers forWindows Millennium.
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Aardvark ( announces its DirectPro Q10audio interface, a one-rackspace unit featuring eight discrete micpreamps and two hi-Z inputs, plus headphone and monitor outs andfour inserts. I/Os include eight XLR mic and eight ¼-inch lineins, plus S/PDIF I/O and MIDI and WordClock In/Out. Converters are24-bit, and 32/44.1/48k sampling rates are all supported. The Q10is $999, including Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 software and a PCI audiointerface. AES/EBU I/O is optional.
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LocalizerDSP from Zeep Software ( is a multichannel panner forVST/MAS that simulates the acoustic phenomena of sound moving in aspecific environment. The software supports 5.1, 7.1, LCRS andstereo configurations, with cross-mixing capability and a“behavior control system” for defining complex movementpaths and relationships. Other features include the zVerb surroundspace simulator that calculates multiple discrete reflections foreach speaker relative to the source position, bass managementfunctions and parameter automation.
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New applications from Native Instruments ( include the Batterydrum sampler and Spektral Delay. Spektral Delay performs real-timeFourier analysis, splitting each stereo channel into up to 160modifiable frequency bands (up to 1,024 bands internally), withadjustable level, delay time and feedback of each band and theability to add modulation effects. All parameters can be freelydrawn or modulated with the integrated LFO, MIDI or host-basedautomation, and real-time sonograms display the spectrum of theaudio signal at both input and output for visual reference. TheBattery software drum sampler offers sound parameters for 54instruments, each with 128 velocity layers, tuning, volume andpitch envelopes, bit reduction, shaper and FX Loop. More than 20sound sets are included, and Battery can read Akai S1000, SF2,Reaktor Map, LM4, .AIFF and .WAV format samples. Internalresolution is 32-bit. Samples can be played and modulated via MIDIwith complete VST automation. Other features include fourmodulators, a waveform display and a matrix editor for selectingsamples across rows, columns or independently.
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The Roland RPC-VM31 Studio Pack digital recording andmixing system for Mac or PC integrates Midiman's RPC-1R-BUS/PCI Interface Card. Using the RPC-1 card, Studio Pack ownerscan exchange eight channels of 24-bit audio from the Roland VM-3100Pro V-Mixing Station to a custom version of Emagic Logic Audiosoftware. Visit or…The SEK'D MQAModule converts between ADAT and S/PDIF or AES/EBU, and letsyou “detangle” or merge the eight channels; TheSEK'D MQT offers the same functionality for TDIF. Getdetails at www.sekd.comUniversal Audio's( PoweredPlug-Ins bundle, a family of plug-ins “powered” bythe UAD-1 PCI card, includes RealVerb Pro, 1176N VintageCompressor, LA-2A Vintage Compressor, EQ-1 5-band ParametricEqualizer, CX-1 Compressor, MD-1 Modulation Delay, RS-1 RoomSimulator and the UAD-1 DSP Card, all for $995…TheSoundDiver 3.03 MIDI editor librarian from Emagic( offers neweditors, new OEM versions and is now available in French. In otherEmagic news, the company has become a licensee for the POW-rConsortium…Xytech's ( Enterprise Version4.0 media asset management software offers faster processing,an improved MetaVault Library Manager, a new Job Management moduleand more…Steinberg released a new series of RADS(Rythmic Architectural Drum Loops) Pocket Fuel Audio ContentCDs: Multitrack Drum Loops, Acoustic HipHop Drum Loops andTechno Rhythms and Loops. Visit for moreinformation…NewTech Infosystems Inc. introduced NTIDriveBackup!, which provides backup and recovery using CD-R/RW.Visit www.ntibackupnow.comTascam isbundling BIAS Deck LE with its US-428 USBinterface controller. For more information, check out or www.bias-inc.comCool BreezeSystems ( announces Cool SchoolInteractus Logic Audio 4 and Pro Tools 5tutorials.