New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

SONIC SOLUTIONS DVD-AUDIO CREATOR DVD-Audio Creator, Sonic Solutions' ( DVD-Audio authoring system, is now shipping. Working with Matsushita


DVD-Audio Creator, Sonic Solutions' ( DVD-Audio authoring system, is now shipping. Working with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Sonic has developed a suite of DVD-Audio authoring and formatting applications within a graphically driven authoring environment. Combined with Sonic Scenarist, DVD Creator or DVD Fusion, DVD-Audio Creator formats both single- and dual-layer titles in the industry-standard, universal DVD format. DVD-Audio Creator can author all nine groups, 99 tracks per group, all modes of sequential and browseable slideshows, CPPM copy protection, scrolling lyrics, and multiple-page menus for accessing either high-density audio in MLP or LPCM formats, compressed Dolby Digital or DTS audio and motion MPEG-2 video. DVD-Audio Creator runs on Windows 2000, and is immediately available at a list price of $20,000.

E-MU XL-7/MP-7

The XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations from E-mu ( combine a powerful multitrack sequencer and 128-voice synthesizer. Features include a multitrack pattern-based sequencer, 13 velocity-sensitive pads, 32 MB of ROM, three expansion slots for Proteus 2000 Sound ROMs, digital output, host performance controls and the onboard Proteus 2000 synth engine. The latter offers electronica (XL-7) and hip hop (MP-7) soundsets with 128 voices of polyphony, 12th and sixth-order filters, multichannel pattern arpeggiators, DRMS synthesis, 16-part multitimbral capability, 24-bit dual effects processor, and dedicated Mute/Select buttons for bringing parts in on-the-fly. Editing tools include cut, copy, paste, quantize and swing. Other features include optional rack ears, S/PDIF out and dual MIDI outs. Retail: $1,695/each.


New from Metric Halo ( is the Mobile I/O Series of Modular Processing Audio Interfaces. The first in the series, Mobile I/O 2882 is a portable, modular, FireWire-based multiformat audio I/O. About the same size as a laptop computer and one-rackspace high, Mobile I/O 2882 is ideal for both studio and field use. It supports all standard pro and multimedia sound driver APIs for Mac and Windows (including ASIO, Sound Manager and Wave Drivers), and its field-upgradeable, programmable audio engine provides low-latency signal processing for seamless foldback mixing while tracking. Mobile I/O supports simultaneous input and output of analog balanced and unbalanced (mic, line and instrument) I/Os, plus S/PDIF, AES, ADAT Optical and IEEE 1394 ports. Analog I/Os are all 24-bit, 96kHz-compatible, and wordclock is provided. All units support 400MB/s operation, and overall system support will run up to 128 channels of 96k audio or 256 channels of 48k.


Roland's ( Fantom workstation keyboard is a 76-note instrument incorporating Roland's XV synthesis and multi-effects with a sequencer and large display interface. The Fantom's 64-voice multitimbral synth engine is based on Roland's XV Series architecture with stereo waveforms per tone, matrix control and onboard effects. The Fantom's 64MB-equivalent waveform memory includes 1,024 patches (640 preset, 128 user and 256 GM2 sounds) and 25 rhythm sets, and can be expanded using two SRX Series and one SR-JV80 Series Wave Expansion Board(s). Fantom's light-sensing D-Beam can control many features, and is ideal for modifying sound parameters in real time. The unit also features 24-bit D/A converters and S/PDIF digital outputs.


PowerPulsar — a new, more powerful version of the CreamWare ( Pulsar music production system — is based on the same hardware as the company's high-end SCOPE/SP system, featuring 15 32-bit SHARC DSP chips. Power- PowerPulsar includes Version 3.0 software (the same that is provided with Pulsar II), offering a 24/48-channel mixing console, more than 60 effects, CreamWare's STS-3000 studio sampler, a collection of synthesizers (based on virtual analog, FM, wavetable and vector synthesis), a modular synthesis system with more than 140 modules and 80 pre-patched synthesizers, and more. PowerPulsar comes in four I/O versions offering 20 to 28 audio inputs and outputs in combinations of analog, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT and Z-Link formats.