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WALDORF ATTACK Steinberg ( announced Attack, a VST percussion synth by Waldorf. Attack generates sounds in real time, with direct control
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Steinberg ( announced Attack, a VST percussionsynth by Waldorf. Attack generates sounds in real time, with directcontrol over all parameters. Each percussion set allows 24 sounds,spread across two octaves. Two oscillators, each with ninewaveforms, represent the sources. Other features include ringmodulation, frequency modulation and a Crack module that reproducesanalog handclaps. The filter section features six filter types,resonance of up to self-oscillation and an overdrive of up to +52dB. Attack is integrated into the VST 2.0 interface, so allparameters can be addressed via MIDI controller. Retail:$149.
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Spectral (distributed by Sascom Marketing, Version 5 of its AudioCube multichannel mastering andaudio restoration solution. The base system includes a 24-channelaudio card and eight channels of AES/EBU I/O, expandable to 16 or24 channels with optional rackmount I/O modules. AudioCube 5provides Native, Pentium-optimized software, running on dual 1GHzPentium III processors, with 256 MB of RAM. The system, based onWindows 2000, includes Wavelab and Nuendo, both of which are fullyintegrated into the AudioCube 5 architecture. The system alsofeatures 29 24-bit/96kHz, 64/32-bit floating-point mastering,restoration and analytical tools. Surround software, such as DolbyAC3, can be added for DVD-A or other multichannel work.
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Building on its previous 24-bit, 16-track workstations, theD1600 from Korg ( adds numerous updates for aportable, pro recording package. Features include 128 tracks (16tracks with eight virtual tracks for each), a removeable mediausing standard IDE hard drives, a 20GB internal drive (31 hours at24-bit/44.1 kHz), control of standard Copy/Paste/Erase editfunctions via a TouchView waveform display, optional CD-R drive,24-bit S/PDIF optical I/O, audio scrubbing, and built-inautochromatic tuner and PCM drum machine. Its 24-channel/8-busmixer includes XLR balanced preamps (with phantom power), 3-band EQwith sweep mids, 192 onboard DSP effects and 100 scene memories forstoring fader/panning and effects settings.
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Kind of Loud ( is now shipping its SmartCodePro Dolby and DTS encoders. Both versions of SmartCode Pro areAudioSuite plug-ins that allow Pro Tools users to preview their 5.1surround mixes in real-time 5.1, then encode and de-code the mix tocreate a 6-channel surround master. DTS-CD ($495) allows you toencode and burn a Red Book CD (using most desktop CD drives) forplayback on most DTS-equipped home theater systems. The fullversion of SmartCode Pro DTS-DVD ($1,495) is intended for DVDauthoring, which requires additional bit rates and includesSmartCode Pro/DTS-CD. SmartCode Pro Dolby is $795.
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IK Multimedia announces Version 2.0 of T-RackS 24(, a stand-alone software mastering suite for Macand Windows that is physically modeled after analog gear. WithVersion 2.0, T-RackS is now 24-bit, reading and writing 24-bit.AIFF, .WAV and SD2 files. An enhanced multiband peak limiteralgorithm and an output stage with soft-clipping shaper with preand post levels allows for more loudness without using compressionor limiting. The saturation shape is continuously variable fromhard digital clipping to ultra-smooth, tape-like saturation. A newcompressor ratio control makes the unit more flexible and musical,and T-RackS 24 now lets you adjust such “internal”settings such as the multiband limiter's single-band levels,thresholds or attack times; compressor sidechain low-frequencycutoff; and global internal patch routing and more. T-RackS 24users will also be able to share these settings online through anew T-RackS pro-mastering Web forum. Other new features includeeight new “vintage” skins, more than 50 presets anddongle-free operation. List $299: registered users can upgrade forfree.
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Now shipping, Control | 24 from Digidesign ( an analog front-end and control surface for controlling ProTools. The system features 24 touch-sensitive moving faders, 16Class-A Focusrite mic preamps, full 5.1 control room monitoringcontrol and dedicated controls for accessing transport/editing andDSP functions. Retail: $7,995.
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SADiE announced the immediate release of the AES31standard for network and file transfer of digital audio. AES31defines the source material alongside edited audio (includingcrossfades) that is text-based in the manner of a traditional EDL.The format is sample-accurate and supports multichannel files inexcess of 99 channels, as well as interchange between PAL and NTSCformats. The format is also open and non-proprietary. Visitwww.sadie.comAccess Music ( released a newversion of its Virus A software, supporting owners of thisdiscontinued product. The release has bug fixes and new featuressuch as analog boost, an enhanced arpeggiator, random pitchgenerator and Sound Categories, which scan Virus' memory for likesounds… Midiman is the new U.S. and UK distributorfor Propellerheads. For more information, visit www.midiman.comSpin-Audio introduces 3D Panner Studio, a plug-infor VST and DirectX that allows you to place your audio tracks in a3-D space around your head and arrange them in a single window. Goto fordetails… Emagic has licensed the POW-Ralgorithm for digital wordlength reduction. POW-R, short forPsychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength Reduction, converts longerwordlengths (up to 32 bits) to 16-bit format, while maintainingperceived dynamic efficiency and low noise… CD CycloneDuplication ( announced its newest CD-RWproduct, the CDRevo FireWire drive with 16x burncapability. Retail price: $399… Cakewalk is now thedistributor of Image-Line's FruityLoops 3.0. New featuresinclude a photo-realistic interface, support for DXI soft synths,DirectX audio effects and support for Windows 2000…Digigram ( signed an agreement withAT&T to license AT&T's implementation of MPEG-2AAC, for use in its multichannel audio codecs…PSP ( introduced theMixTreble, the fourth plug-in in the PSP MixPack:MixTreble offers four processing algorithms for removing hiss,processing transients, enhancing stereo and harmonics andswitchable soft clipping.