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New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

WAVE DIGITAL MICROWAVE MicroWave, from Wave Digital Systems (, is a portable, Pentium III-based PC that's only 6.152.2 inches and


MicroWave, from Wave Digital Systems (, is a portable, Pentium III-based PC that’s only 6.15×5.75×2.2 inches and 1.9 pounds. MicroWave features four USB ports, two FireWire ports, Ethernet, audio I/O, A/V and S-Video, modem, parallel, serial, VGA, LAN and PS/2 ports, plus mic-in and line-out jacks. It also includes a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM CD-RW drive, and can run Windows 98 SE, 2000, NT and ME. The unit features 16-bit stereo audio (SoundBlaster/Adlib-compatible) with built-in speaker, a 56k V90 modem, and a 15-pin mini D-sub VGA connector with one S-Video port and one A/V-Video port. ATAPI-IDE interface, high-speed, DVD-ROM or CD-RW external hot-swappable units are optional. A 144-pin DIMM slot handles PC1000/133MHz SDRAM, and is upgradable to 256 MB. Wave Digital offers a custom plastic case for the MicroWave by Calzone Case Company, featuring a 15-inch, flat-panel LCD monitor mounted in the lid, 75GB external FireWire drive, keyboard, track pad, 8-channel snake and MOTU 828 Fire-Wire audio interface. The system can be custom-configured for music applications, and weighs less than 14 pounds. The MicroWave CPU starts at $1,999. Complete systems, with case, MOTU 828, LCD, keyboard and 75GB drive, start at $3,399 (software is extra).


Waves’ ( Restoration processor bundle for native (PC and Macintosh) platforms is designed for noise removal and sound restoration. It features four new plug-ins, licensed from Germany’s Algorithmix. X-Noise intelligently learns from a section of noise, and then applies broadband noise reduction to eliminate background noise from any source. X-Click removes clicks from 78 or vinyl records, as well as spikes from digital switching or crosstalk. X-Crackle is the second stage in the restoration of old records; it eliminates crackles and surface noise left after the X-Click process. X-Hum attenuates steady-pitched, low-frequency disturbances, such as ground loop hum and its harmonics, as well as reducing rumble, microphone pops and DC-offset.


Samplitude 6.0 from MAGIX Entertainment ( is offered in three versions. Samplitude Producer 2496 ($799) is configured for multitrack recording, editing and high-end CD mastering; Samplitude Studio ($499), for multitrack recording and editing; and Samplitude Master ($359), for wave editing and CD production. New features of V. 6.0 include beginner-friendly settings with ergonomic design and Visualizer window, and mouse modes that help users view and work with the tools easily. Samplitude 6.0’s Authoring Tool enables the creation of Personal Rich Media by integrating video, Internet, streaming media and interactive technology for sound media. Users can publish projects on the Web at and get downloads from the Internet directly to the program via FTP. Version 6.0 also provides more DSP power, an extended mixer and destructive/nondestructive editing — even for MP3s and other compressed files.


Version 3 of Native Instruments’ ( Reaktor native, modular, real-time software for synthesis/sampling/effects has a new processing audio engine with increased performance on all CPUs, especially Pentium III/4 and G4 processors. An improved user interface offers new panel elements/layout options, selectable colors, and drag-and-drop features. A floating properties palette shows the properties of the currently selected object, and whole folders of samplers can be dragged/dropped into any sampler module. Audio can stream to/from the hard disk, and Akai samples can be imported from CD, while XY controller objects can control two parameters with one gesture. New modules include analog-modeled filters, granular synthesis and multitap delays. Reaktor 3 also features 32-bit floating-point precision, sample rates at 96 kHz and beyond, hundreds of instruments and thousands of presets.


The Ego•Sys ( WaMi Rack 192X is a rackmountable, 192kHz, 24-bit, 8-channel audio interface. Inputs and outputs include S/PDIF and balanced and unbalanced analog (+4 and -10 dB), with four channels of mic pre’s with +48V phantom power and a MIDI interface. It supports the DVD-Audio spec, and is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98 SE; audio drivers include ASIO 2.0 and GSIF. The unit supports multiple sampling rates from 32-192 kHz. Stated latency is 1.5 ms, and dynamic range is 123 dB. The front panel also features a headphone amp. Retail is $799.


The SX1120 RT from SurgeX® ( offers surge protection/power conditioning for audio, video and computer gear. This 20-amp unit has a front outlet and eight rear panel, grounded AC receptacles (six switched, two always on). For integrated power distro, a Phoenix connector links to SurgeX’s SX2120 SEQ or more RT units for sequential power-up/down of multiple systems. Patented Series Mode Pro technology provides reliable protection, stopping multiple surges of up to 6,000V — without ground contamination.


Version 3 of CreamWare’s ( Pulsar software features new DSP effects, synthesizers, sample player, mixer and more. Many of Version 3’s 36 stereo and 21 mono effects plug-ins were adapted from CreamWare’s high-end SCOPE/SP system, with new plug-ins such as the MasterVerb reverb, for driving up to eight reverbs simultaneously from a single Pulsar II board. Also new are the Vectron Player; Prisma, a virtual analog synth with a comprehensive modulation matrix; and the STS-2000P sample player, featuring up to 64 stereo voices and compatibility with Akai S1000/S3000 libraries. Also new are the Dynamic mixer and Micro mixers for submixing or as alternatives to the large mixers. Each offers up to 32 mono or 16 stereo channels, mixer presets, VU meters and long fader throws.


Fairlight ( announced the incorporation of VST plug-ins into its Fairlight Plug-ins Manager. Effective immediately, a wide selection of VST plug-ins may be accessed by Fairlight users at pro audio or MI retailers, or on the Internet at…Sonic Solutions ( announced Sonic Studio Version 1.7, which offers enhanced performance, new editing tools, expanded storage support and enhanced capabilities for new audio formats. Visit for details…Synchro Arts’ ( VocALign automatic audio-alignment software is now compatible with Digital Performer 3 from Mark of the Unicorn ( In other MOTU news, Universal Audio announced development of the SmartCode Pro line of software encoders for Digital Performer Version 3…SpinAudio Software ( announced that new versions of RoomVerb and SpinDelay VST/DX audio plug-ins are available. The updated versions come with a new, completely redesigned and easier-to-use user interface, and an enhanced preset management system that includes new A/B setups, inter-instance presets, file presets and preset banks, improved reverb engine and more…MIDIMAN/M-Audio ( announced support in Macintosh OS 10.1 for its line of Delta digital audio interfaces. Latency for the OS 10.1 drivers is said to be as low as 40 samples (approximately 1 ms). M-Audio is also now shipping the USB AudioSport Quattro, a 4-in, 4-out USB audio device with added 1×1 MIDI operation ($349)…JEMS Data introduces the Jemini COR (Custom Options Track), a 3U rackmount storage unit featuring dual 10,000 or 15,000 rpm disk drives, tape backup drive and CD-RW drive, with bundled audio mastering software. Visit for more information.