New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

Waveframe, Sonicstudio, Oberheim, Sadie, Steinberg, Universal Audio, and Yamaha + Upgrades and Updates


Completely redesigned for increased processing power, WaveFrame7 ( is based on Windows 2000, running on Merging Technologies' Mykerinos hardware platform. The workstation combines WaveFrame's familiar editing interface with 24-bit resolution, 5.1 surround mixing, DSP plug-in effects, networking capabilities and up to 32 channels of I/O. Digital audio interfaces include AES/EBU, MADI, ADAT and TDIF. New Sound Selector and Volume Manager tools optimize working in a fully networked environment. Rather than WaveFrame's previous proprietary disk file format, WaveFrame7 natively records/plays industry-standard Broadcast Wave files to standard FAT-32 (Windows PC)-formatted drives and can import WaveFrame V. 6.x files and Sound Designer II audio files recorded on Mac HFS volumes. Other file compatibility options include import/export of Avid OMF, OpenTL (Tascam MX-2424) and WaveFrame 6.x projects, with future support of AES/31 and Akai files. Specialized post-production features include comprehensive machine control, auto-assembly, Spotting Sheets, Special (over) ADR/Foley recording and editing, and Cue Sheet printing.


SonicStudio HD Version 1.6 from Sonic Solutions ( offers a Playhead Scrub mode for jogwheel-style scrubbing, Sync Matching (to align matched portions of audio for A/B comparisons), an Edit Soundfile During Record function, and a Loop and Fill command. Other new editing features include copy/paste editing of desk events, EDL track naming support and new multichannel track ordering capabilities. New processing functions include sample rate conversion on input, varispeed on playback and real-time NoNOISE processing. AutoSonic 24-bit soundfile output supports audio generated by AutoSonic in DVD Creator, DVD Fusion and OneClick DVD. Other upgrades include a new timecode status window, high-density audio support in dual-wire AES mode, 24-bit mono and split-mono interleaved soundfile support, and buffer volume selection for flowthrough.


The OB-Tune real-time pitch correction plug-in for DirectX from Oberheim Electronics ( uses core DSP technology licensed from Antares (maker of Auto-Tune), with an interface designed by Oberheim, to detect the incoming pitch of a voice or solo instrument in real time and correct it. Standard major, minor and chromatic scales, as well as 26 historical, ethnic and microtonal scales are preprogrammed; scale parameters and correction adjustments can be modified. OB-Tune is compatible with Cakewalk Pro and Home Studio, Steinberg Cubase and Wavelab, Emagic Logic, Sonic Foundry Acid and Sound Forge, and other applications that support DirectX. The software is available exclusively on the Internet, from, and can be downloaded directly to PC for an MSRP of $49.99.


New from SADiE (, the CD-R Tower duplicator is a multiple CD burner for SADiE DAWs. The CD-R Tower is available in either a 4- or 8-disc recorder configuration, and towers can be connected for simultaneous recordings of up to 64 discs. All models have an internal HD that stores up to 20 bit-accurate CD images; the system can copy from a CD or from a disc image on the hard drive. An Online mode allows the CD-R Tower to write from the host SADiE DAW system via RAID multiple disc technology, configuring the entire recorder system to act as a single drive. Multiple discs can be simultaneously written directly from the DAW. In Offline mode, the CD-R Tower can copy CDs without a computer. In Online mode, the CD-R Tower operates at up to 4x with disc shadowing (a disc image is written to the hard drive while writing CDs to the CD-R drive). Synchronized audio play capability enables the user to switch between the audio jacks of the CD-R drives and listen to the same track of music on multiple drives, eliminating the need for a separate player for verification.


Steinberg ( announces the Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder, a plug-in allowing Steinberg Nuendo projects to be coded into Dolby Digital. Licensed by Dolby Laboratories, the encoder offers the same full functionality as the original Dolby hardware, supporting encoded bit rates from 56 to 640 kbps and channel configurations from mono to 5.1. Dolby's Bitstream mode, Dialog Normalization, Surround and Center Downmixing Level settings are all included; up to six files from the export dialog or the entire Nuendo project can easily be selected and sent to the plug-in for immediate encoding. The software will be available this quarter.


Universal Audio ( adds Vintage Compressor plug-ins, emulations of the 1176N and Teletronix LA-2A compressors, to its Powered Plug-Ins product line. Instead of modeling compression curves, UA modeled the actual compressor circuitry for accurate digital emulation. Powered Plug-Ins are designed to run with UA's UAD-I DSP card; the complete bundle also includes RealVerb Pro, CS-I Channel Strip and other effects, plus the UAD-I DSP card. The plug-ins support VST/PC and are compatible with Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo, and Emagic's Logic Audio. Retail: $995.


Yamaha ( steps up the CD-RW speed-war with its LightSpeed2 CRW2200 Series, said to be the first 20x burner that also rips audio at 40x. All Light-Speed2 CD recorders include Ahead's Nero software for PC and Mac users. The CRW2200 also features SafeBurn, which provides an advanced buffer underrun control system to complement its 8MB buffer. Drives are available in various internal and exterenal models with E-IDE (ATAPI), Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3) or IEEE 1394 FireWire interfaces.


Steinberg announced that Cubase VST 5.0 Release 4 for Windows now supports ReWire 2. For details, visit SEK'D ( has exclusively licensed the Audio Restoration Suite by Dr. Christoph Musialik, which is now available as a software plug-in for SEK'D's Sequoia editing and mastering software. List: $1,249 Antares Audio Technologies ( entered into a third-party development agreement with TC Works ( to bring its Auto-Tune 3 pitch-correcting plug-in to TC-Works' Powercore DSP accelerator board Waves now supports Digidesign's RTAS on Windows-based PCs. The Waves Window RTAS support is free to all registered Waves Version 3.0 users and can be downloaded through an upgrade at Cycling '74 recently launched c74, a record label that showcases music in a wide variety of genres, created by the community of composers and performers who use Cycling '74 software products such as Max and MSP. Visit for more information NemeSys is now distributing Alien Connections' ReValver music amplifier modeling effects processor for NFX-based platforms. Visit Digidesign's Control|24 Cable Kit is a custom cable kit that allows you to easily connect your Control|24 to Pro Tools interfaces or external audio gear. The kit includes seven custom color-coded, custom-labeled, 25-foot, 8-channel cable snakes that feature a lifetime warranty. Visit