New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

SOUNDS LOGICAL WAVEWARP 2.0 Sounds Logical ( is now shipping WaveWarp 2.0 with full DirectX functionality. Now, in addition to using

SOUNDS LOGICAL WAVEWARP 2.0Sounds Logical ( is now shipping WaveWarp 2.0 with full DirectX functionality. Now, in addition to using WaveWarp as a stand-alone effects processor, users can apply WaveWarp's modular architecture to create custom Direct X plug-ins for popular PC-based audio editors and sequencers, such as Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0, Emagic Logic Audio, SEK'D Samplitude, Sonic Foundry Acid Pro, Vegas and Sound Forge; SAW sequencers from IQS; Steinberg's Cubase and Wavelab; and Minnetonka MxTrax/Mx51. In addition to DirectX support, Version 2.0 includes two spectral morphing components, a digital filter component for zero-latency FIR filtering and an ADSR envelope generator with customizable envelope profiles. WaveWarp offers more than 260 modular audio effect components for $199; a scaled-back version is $99.

IQS SAWStudioInnovative Quality Software ( introduces SAWStudio, the fifth generation of the SAW product line, featuring enhanced performance speed and a redesigned multitrack recording/editing interface that emulates a typical studio environment. The SAW Studio mixer has 72 stereo ins and 24 stereo outs, with phase reverse, swap L/R, 5-band stereo EQ, keying gate and compressor, surround panning, high-resolution metering, and solo and mute on each channel. Each stereo track is eight layers deep; the top layer is active in each track. Effects can be plugged in and out of tracks in real time, and IQS' SoftEdge technology simplifies performing crossfades. A new SAWStudio API has been developed for effects plug-ins.

NEW ADDITIONS TO THE SOUNDSCAPE R.ED FAMILYSoundscape ( announced two new R.Ed Recorder/Editor models specifically geared toward studio recording and radio, mastering and A/V markets at more affordable prices. The two new models, R.Ed/16 and R.Ed/24, are derivatives of the full-blown R.Ed system (which offers 32 to 128 tracks) and comes with Soundscape's V. 3.0 Editor software. R.Ed/24 offers 24 tracks, 24-bit at 48 kHz (or 12 tracks at 24-bit, 96 kHz), with 24 digital I/Os via three TDIF ports. The unit has one removable hard drive bay, plus one position for an internal hard drive for up to 274 GB of audio storage and sync. An OMF Import/Export option allows project transfer between R.Ed and Pro Tools, SADiE, Fairlight and others. R.Ed/16 ($4,250) has 16 tracks, 24-bit at 48 kHz or 8 tracks at 24-bit at 96 kHz, with up to 12 inputs and 16 outputs via 2-in/4-out AES/EBU digital, plus eight digital in/out channels via one TDIF port. Options include the R.Ed analog interface board, offering 2-in/4-out balanced XLRs and 24-bit, 96kHz AD/DA converters. Like the full 32 R.Ed, R.Ed/24 and R.Ed/16 offer real-time DSP-based mixing and effects, full dynamic mix automation, compatibility with many hardware controllers and integration with video editing systems; many add-ons are available.

NEW BOMB FACTORY PLUG-INSBomb Factory ( has introduced a host of new plug-ins. The Fairchild 660 is a replica of the $35,000 compressor, the Pultec EQP-1A models analog EQ; the Joemeek SC2 Photo-Optical Compressor and VC5 Meequalizer re-create legendary producer Joe Meek's processors, and the Tel-Ray Variable Delay creates analog-sounding delay and echo. Three moogerfooger processors were introduced: the moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser, a six- or 12-stage phaser; the moogerfooger Analog Delay; and the moogerfooger Bundle, which includes four moogerfoogers (including the previously released moogerfooger Lowpass Filter & Ring Modulator) at one low price. (Special pricing is available for registered owners of the moogerfooger Lowpass Filter & Ring Modulator bundle.) Also new from Bomb Factory: BF Essential is a suite of time-saving, trouble-solving studio essentials, all priced under $100, including a tuner, meter bridge and correlation meter. MAS, TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite are all supported.

AUDIO EASE NAUTILUSAudio Ease ( introduces its second pack of plug-ins exclusively for MOTU audio system. The Nautilus Bundle includes three modules: RiverRun (by the creator of the Thonk freeware application) uses granular synthesis and lets you scatter up to 1,000 streams of tiny samples across your stereo panorama to build big effects, PeriScope is a phase-correct equalizer and real-time spectroscope, and Deep Phase Nine is a true phaser that offers up to 24 notches per channel, beat locked sample and hold, and more. The bundle retails for $299 and is distributed in the U.S. by Mark of the Unicorn (

The PSP ( MixSaturator plug-in emulates analog saturation with three algorithms: an analog saturation simulation algorithm, which enables the user to choose one of the seven curves of nonlinearity characteristic of valve devices, analog tape and digital clipping; the bass frequencies processing algorithm; and the treble frequencies processing algorithm...Mark of the Unicorn ( announced that Mezzo Version 3.7, the project backup system from Grey Matter Response Inc. (, now supports Digital Performer 2.71...Syntrillium Software released "A Short Course in Digital Audio Processing," a free, animated tutorial authored in Director by Macromedia. The tutorial covers fundamental digital audio concepts, such as waveforms, sampling, bit depth and digital signal flow. A free download is at ( released Version 3.0 of its SoundDiver universal patch librarian. New features include a redesigned interface created to be similar to Logic Audio 4.0, and a context-sensitive interactive help system...Digidesign has licensed POW-r Consortium's POW-r technology for digital audio word-length reduction for introduction into Pro Tools. In other Digidesign news, a free version of Pro Tools, Pro Tools FREE 5.01, is available. Visit for information...Glyph's X-Project with FireWire, with 15GB capacity, is now shipping. Glyph also introduced WildFire, a high-speed Fire Wire, tabletop CD-rewritable for audio and video files. Visit Noren Products Inc. ( introduces the NoiseLock, a fan-free isolation box that cools using Noren's Heat-Pipe technology...Studio Network Solutions announced an end-to-end storage area network, A/VSAN, developed for audio, post-production and multimedia. Check out Technologies' SAC 2K software assigned controller is now shipping. For more information, see's AD8 is an 8-channel, 24/96, A/D converter with built-in mic pre's. Also new from Swissonic, the WD8 word-clock generator/distributor. Visit Medea's AudioRaid Ultra2 SCSI disk arrays are designed for professional audio applications. Check them out at