New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

STEINBERG SHIPS CUBASE VST 5.0 FOR MAC Steinberg North America ( announced Cubase VST 5.0, the newest Cubase VST Series for the MacOS.


Steinberg North America ( announced Cubase VST 5.0, the newest Cubase VST Series for the MacOS. The Cubase VST 5.0 Series features a complete graphic makeover, plus Magneto technology for “analog” warmth and 32-bit recording, output and mix-down in the top-of-the-line Cubase VST/32. The Cubase 5.0 Series is optimized for Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine for faster audio processing. All three products in the series, Cubase VST, Cubase VST Score or Cubase VST/32, employ Cubase's digital recording engine and have scalable recording modes and up to 32-bit floating point resolution in the top-end Cubase VST/32. Cubase VST/32 allows recording in 96 kHz and is equipped with Apogee's UV22 dithering technology and has 128 channels of digital audio, eight FX sends, four Channel inserts each and four Master inserts. Other new features in the Cubase VST 5.0 line include LTB (Linear Time Base) technology for precision MIDI timing, enhanced drag-and-drop capability, Internet functionality with Rocket-powered technology and the Universal Sound Module, a new, virtual sound module with over 70 MB of sounds offering General MIDI compatibility. Cubase also includes a new MIDI Track Mixer that offers VST-style control over any connected MIDI gear, plus custom window sets and a new FX rack that hosts new control elements; the new channel EQs can now either be edited graphically or with the familiar virtual pots. MSRP is $499 for Cubase VST 5.0; $549 for Cubase Score VST 5.0; and $799 for Cubase VST/32 5.0.
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With the release of Peter Pan, a plug-in for MOTU Audio System, Audio Ease now brings surround panning to Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer and AudioDesk users. Peter Pan positions the source sound by dragging around a red ball in a round arena; center and rear speaker outputs are routed to buses via pop-up selectors, and a subwoofer channel can be separated from the input signal with a smooth and adjustable lowpass filter. The application uses little processing power and retails for only $39.95. The Audio Ease Web site,, features a fully functional demo (that beeps every few seconds) and offers the software for download purchase.
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Digigram ( has introduced Version 4.0 of its Xtrack Audio Suite with MP3 functionality. Xtrack 4.0 can import, export and edit MP3 files and is able to merge any combination of PCM, Layer 1 and Layer 2 audio tracks to generate a single MP3 file. (Format, sampling frequency and bit rate conversion selections are made in the export process.) The software also allows users to convert MP3 files into a single PCM, MPEG Layer 1 or MPEG Layer 2 file, and a wide range of compression is offered, from eight kbps at 22.05 kHz to 320 kbps at 48 kHz. Xtrack 4.0 allows 24-bit recording and includes full support of Digigram's PCXpocket 440 PCMCIA card. Xtrack 4.0 is the same price as its previous version at $500; current Xtrack users can order an upgrade to Xtrack 4.0 for $100 at Digigram's Web site.
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Minnetonka ( has teamed up with Microboards to produce MASS 5.1, a bundled system for creating DVD-Audio discs. The package, which runs under Windows 98, 2000 or NT, includes Minnetonka's Mx51 and MASS 5.1 software applications and a Pioneer DVD burner. Mx51, a surround mixing application, allows users to build their own mixer and can include an automated surround panner on each channel; an interface for a motorized joystick is built-in. MASS 5.1 lets users compile DVD recordings by dragging and dropping sound files to create playlists, then burning DVD-Audio. The program accepts 5.1 surround encodings as six sound files or as an MLP-encoded sound file. The package also includes Pioneer's S-201 DVD-R recorder, which connects through SCSI and can also be used to make data DVDs. Retail is $8,495.
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The Logical Company ( introduces the U-Master CD Mastering/Duplication system, which can be used with both a computer (PC, Mac or Unix system) or as a stand-alone unit. In Mastering mode, the U-Master works by making multiple CD-R drives appear as a single drive to any computer system; in Duplication mode, the U-Master allows copying of premastered CDs without the use of a computer. In addition to copying directly from CD to CD, the U-Master can copy a premastered CD to one of 10 different user-selectable CD images on its 10GB internal hard drive, allowing users to easily switch between multiple jobs. The U-Master is available as a “controller only” unit for integration into an existing system, as a drive-ready tower unit with room for up to eight 12X Plextor drives or in a fully configured tower version for end-users. The U-Master's RISC processor and RAID architecture allows adaptability to faster CD-R drives and DVD drives in the future. An eight-drive system is $6,000.
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Mark of the Unicorn ( announces FreeStyle Version 2.31 for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0 or higher, Power Macintosh and 68K Macintosh systems. This software upgrade makes FreeStyle's latest feature set identical across-the-board, bringing all users major new features, such as Event List editing, Step Record, system exclusive recording and editing, support for over 275 MIDI instruments and sound modules, and more…Emagic ( announced that the ES1 synth for TDM-based systems is now shipping. The ES1 TDM provides subtractive synthesis with that “classic” analog sound and offers oscillators, filters, flexible modulation possibilities and fast envelopes. The ES1 TDM integrates seamlessly into Logic's internal digital mixer with access to all plug-ins, effects and automation, and a direct connection with Logic Audio's sequencing engine with sample-accurate timing. The ES1 TDM can be used by Logic Audio Platinum 4.5 (or higher) owners working with Digidesign's Pro Tools TDM-based systems (Mac only). Price is U.S. $299…SEK'D's AudioCaster Software for fully automated playback of audio files for broadcast and public venues is now shipping. The current Version 1.1 adds time-automated switching to inputs for satellite feeds or other sources. Visit…Emtec Pro Media announces the next generation of DLT linear backup media, storing up to 80 GB of compressed data; get more information at…Syntrillium Software has released two new members of the Cool Edit 2000 family: the Phat Pack plug-in and the Tweakin' Toys plug-in. The Phat Pack plug-in adds four delay-based effects to Cool Edit 2000: Full Reverb, Multitap Delay, Chorus and Sweeping Phaser. The Tweakin' Toys plug-in offers four special effect and mastering tools: Hard Limiter, Pan/Expander, Pitch Bender and Convolution. Each plug-in is $49; for more information, visit…LaCie's ( U 160 hard drive transfers data at up to 75 MB/sec in RAID and 47 MB/sec for a single drive. The U 160 combines 18 GB of storage with an Ultra 160 SCSI interface and has a 4MB buffer and 15,000 rpm speed. List price is $599 for the internal version; $699 for the external version…Sounds Logical announces that the WaveWarp Audio Toolbox for MATLAB is now shipping. The release features a set of extensions to WaveWarp 2.0 that enables seamless communication between WaveWarp and the MATLAB technical computing environment (available separately from The Mathworks Inc), allowing MATLAB to function as an audio source, sink or in-the-loop processor of audio streams managed by WaveWarp. Visit