New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

SEK'D SEQUOIA SEK'D's ( Sequoia is a new audio-editing system based on the company's Samplitude and Red Roaster software applications. The


SEK'D's ( Sequoia is a new audio-editing system based on the company's Samplitude and Red Roaster software applications. The program offers 4-point edit functions for stereo and multichannel operation, a new source/destination panel concept, easy-to-use crossfade editor, stereo, Dolby 5.1 and ProLogic surround mastering, integrated real-time CD-premastering, 32-bit floating-point audio resolution, up to 192kHz resolution, more than 64 stereo tracks, a comprehensive effects section, DirectX support, an integrated digital mixing console, and a SMPTE/MTC-sync (master/slave) option for tape mastering and Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding.
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CreamWare ( debuts the Luna II I/O interface card for native audio software, compatible with the Pulsar/SCOPE plug-in library. Luna II is available for Mac or PC and features an onboard 24-channel recording mixer and 16-channel surround mixer, plus EQ and compressor effects. Other features include two analog and two digital I/Os with 24-bit/96kHz capability, MIDI interface and Z-Link port. The Luna ADAT Expansion adds two ADAT ins and outs plus one Z-Link.
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Soundscape Digital Technology ( announces the mixpander PCI card, which adds DSP processing power to the Soundscape R.Ed and SSHDR1-Plus digital audio workstations. Mixpander connects to the 512-channel expansion bus port on the rear panel of Soundscape DAWs and transparently integrates with the Soundscape mixer; the V3.0 Dynamic Mix Automation feature in the SSEditor software extends automatically to mixpander. (External control of mixing and effects is via Soundscape's console manager.) Mixpander offers 24-bit, 96kHz operation for complete compatibility with R.Ed, allowing the system to run many DSP-based real-time plug-ins at 96k. Two configurations are available: Mix-pander/9 ($2,500) contains nine Motorola 563xx DSPs on both sides of a full-length PCI card; stated processing capability is up to 2.6GIPS(Giga Instructions per Second). Mix-pander/5 ($1,800) contains five Motorola 563xx DSPs for up to 1.4 GIPS of processing power. Mixpander has up to 32 channels of MME (wave), ASIO-2 and GSIF (native multichannel Gigasampler/Gigastudio) drivers, which are full duplex, multiclient and are said to have a latency as low as 1.5 ms.
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Liquid Audio Inc. ( introduces Liquid Player Plus software, the first SDMI-compliant means for hardware manufacturers to offer secure digital audio devices. OEM partners include Aiwa, IOData, Sanyo, TDK and Toshiba. New features: Find Music links to the Liquid catalog or manufacturer's site so users can download music; Import Music calls up a step-by-step wizard to import music from personal CDs; and Organize Music lets users arrange, sort and make a list of favorite songs. Export to CD and Export to Portable Device functions are also built-in. Liquid Player Plus lets users import music from audio CDs as secure Liquid Tracks and export secure music to portable devices and CD-RW drives, and the software supports leading audio codecs. Liquid Player Plus uses Gracenote's CDDB music recognition technology to retrieve related album/artist information for imported music.
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Channel D's ( Mac The Scope 4PR is a prerelease of Version 4 of the software-based signal analyzer, signal generator and synthesized bandpass filter RTA. New features include an integrated HTML-based, customizable, illustrated, online help system, ASIO support for up to 48 input and 48 output channels, and a built-in Audio Delay Finder that measures the time delay between two signals. Swept sine measurements are said to be faster and more precise, and signal level triggering is now usable when analyzing files. Also, sound input capability is not required; sound files can be analyzed with an iBook or G4 Cube.
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DIAMOND CUT LIVE REAL-TIME NR SOFTWARE ( is now shipping Diamond Cut LIVE, a professional audio restoration tool that processes audio in real time with no read/write processing delay. Diamond Cut LIVE includes a complete noise-reduction toolkit with a full complement of audio enhancement tools, including over 200 factory presets for hiss removal, continuous noise removal, click and pop removal, plus a range of filters and enhancers. Multiple filters can be arranged and adjusted graphically before audio is fed through the system; a Virtual Valve Amplifier simulates radio vacuum tubes. Additional features include a harmonic exciter, an expander/gate, compressor, de-esser, 10-band equalizer with a dual-function display and instant bypass mode. Diamond Cut LIVE can also log to disk in order to record processed audio as it is being passed through the system. Price is $995.
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Propellerhead Software ( announces the release of Recycle! 2.0, the groovemaker. The 2.0 release can now work with stereo files, and most settings within Recycle! can be previewed in real time. Other new features include a built-in gate, an envelope for controlling attack, decay and stretch of the slices; a transient Shaper for dynamic control; 2-band parametric EQ with high and low cut; and ASIO support…CreamWare has opened its online shop ( to third-party companies developing plug-ins for the Pulsar/SCOPE platform. SPL, Amptown/Grenz-frequenz and Orbitone are among the first companies signed up. As with CreamWare's own products, 10-hour evaluation versions of all devices are available for free download…Fostex ( has signed an agreement to be the exclusive distributor of the Digigram ( VXpocket laptop sound card in the U.S. and Mexico…BitHeadz ( announces Version 2.1.1 of the Retro AS-1 Analog Synthesizer and Unity DS-1 Digital Sampler. Version 2.1.1 will include direct support for the Roland PC-300 USB MIDI Keyboard. BitHeadz is also introducing four new Unity-format sample libraries from East West: Quantum Leap Brass, Percussive Adventures, Steve Smith Rhythmic Journey, and Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass. All of these titles can now take advantage of Unity's extended polyphony, large-sample capacity, fast-sample load times and phase-locked stereo processing.