New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

AKAI DPS16 UPGRADES Akai ( announces Version 2.0 software for the DPS16 24-bit/96kHz digital personal studio. The upgraded operating system


Akai ( announces Version 2.0 software for the DPS16 24-bit/96kHz digital personal studio. The upgraded operating system offers .WAV file support and mastering enhancements, including a 4-band stereo multiband compressor, Disk At Once mode for CD burning, Normalize and a new Track Down page for making mixdown easier. New Edit mode selections allow users to save and load .WAV files from external SCSI hard disks; individual tracks can be saved as a mono .WAV file, or pairs of tracks can be saved as a stereo .WAV file. The 4-band stereo multiband compressor provides adjustable crossover points and adjustable slopes in order to fine tune frequencies being compressed. Two user-programmable scales have been added to the scales on the Real-Time Vocal Pitch Corrector for storing custom settings. A new smoothing parameter allows natural vibrato to be retained, and MIDI note triggering allows the DPS16 to track MIDI data from an external MIDI keyboard and adjust pitch in real time. Other enhancements include disk partitioning and a Copy Tracks function that allows tracks to be copied either within the current project or between projects, even if they are on different disks. Coming soon, V. 3.0 will include sample rate conversion and dithering, support for external SCSI CD-R/W drives and more. List price for the Akai DPS16 is $2,795, including a 20GB IDE hard drive and a 4-bus multi-effects processor.


iZ Technology ( debuts a 24-track, 24-bit/96k ADAT I/0 interface card for RADAR 24 and RADAR 48. The card offers 24-track/24-bit digital output through three ADAT Lightpipe outputs and 24-track/24-bit digital input via three ADAT Lightpipe inputs, with a choice of 48kHz Single Wire or 96kHz Dual-Wire mode. The unit automatically detects the presence of ADAT Lightpipe inputs and syncs to an active input. Rear panel status LEDs indicate valid ADAT Lightpipe inputs and sync source. Other features include ADAT input and output calibration override for user-controlled sync selection, Lightpipe data widths and Lightpipe input sampling points for improving performance in noisy clock environments. An onboard field-upgradeable chip allows future firmware upgrades in RADAR 24 and RADAR 48.


IK Multimedia ( introduces SampleTank, a software sound module that combines a sampler/synth engine with multisampled sounds into a VST instrument. SampleTank offers 32-bit, floating-point processing and 128-note polyphony, with 128 voices simultaneously available within Cubase VST. Other features include RAM doubling, four effects per voice selectable among 20 DSP algorithms, user-defined sound organization, advanced search features, and .WAV, .AIFF and AKAI-format compatibility. Up to 450 sounds are included. The software is compatible with Mac OS and Windows platforms.


AlterMedia ( debuts Version 5 of its Studio Suite studio management software. Originally designed for recording studios, Studio Suite 5 has been expanded to manage all types of media production, including film, TV, radio, DVD, Internet, games, mastering and more. Studio Suite 5 is user-customizable, relational, networkable across platforms and Internet-accessible. The redesigned interface features: hierarchical, expanding/collapsing “packages” for Calendar booking and Project management; tracking of budget and actual charges and expenses and profit/loss per project and per line item; export of Studio Suite invoices to QuickBooks accounting software (others to follow); e-mailing of invoices and communications directly from Studio Suite; and the means to attach any external file (Avid, Pro Tools, Word, Photoshop, etc.) to a Studio Suite project, contact, library or title, thus centralizing documentation. Pricing for Studio Suite 5 is $499 for the first license, $199 for each additional networked workstation.


Digigram ( recently introduced the miXart audio platform. A family of multichannel sound cards, miXart is based on Motorola's Power PC processor and combines audio processing and mixing. The first product is the miXart 8, with eight analog I/Os and an option of four additional stereo AES/EBU I/Os. An upcoming release will offer eight ADAT stereo I/Os. Other features include eight, 16 or 24-bit resolution, MPEG Layer-1 and -2 encoding and decoding (standard on miXart ADAT, optical on miXart 8), real-time mixing, routing and audio effects, time stretch/shrink and scrub, and Digigram's Vconsole Builder application.


Microboards ( introduces two new CD duplicators. The Saturn IIP is a stand-alone duplicator/printer offering two 12x recorders, simultaneous record and print, with an internal 13GB drive that permits caching of print files, disc images and extracted tracks. The Saturn IIP can hold up to 150 discs in reserve. The Orbit II is a stand-alone, entry-level duplicator, based on Microboards' Champion series autoloaders. The unit holds 50 discs, supports up to 16x recording speed (with variable speed control) and features simple two-button operation.


Propellerhead Software ( announced Reason 1.0.1, a free software update that features rewritten ASIO implementation with support for external WordClock and S/PDIF sync. Reason 1.0.1 also includes the ReFill Packer, which lets users create their own ReFill files with their own samples, loops, patches, etc. Also new from Propellerhead, Recycle! 2.0 can now work with stereo files; most settings within Recycle! can now be previewed in real time… Tascam ( announces expanded features for its US-428 workstation controller, including compatibility with Windows ME and Windows 2000, compatibility with MOTU's Digital Performer and control for Native Instruments' B4 virtual synths…BIAS Peak 2.6 ( is now shipping. The new version of the audio editor features QuickTime, MP3, Shockwave and ASIO enhancements. New tools include: the BIAS Vbox SE VST multi-effects control environment; Waves AudioTrack; Roxio Toast 5 Lite; and over 300 MB of PowerFX Samples…SEK'D's SONOSCOPE turns any PC into a real-time audio analysis tool. You can now test SONOSCOPE for free for 10 days by downloading from SEK'D's Website, Receive your registration code via e-mail for $299; the full boxed version retails for $499 (Pro Net $399)…Steinberg's HALion VST sampler is now shipping; visit www.steinberg.netHHB ( introduces the DVD-R 4.7GB DVD-R disc, designed for general V. 2.0 DVD recording… Rimage's ( new Everest printer offers photo-realistic printing on the surface of CD-R and DVD-R discs. Said to offer color printing that exceeds magazine print quality, the Everest also operates at high-production rates for on-demand printing…SADiE is now the worldwide distributor of the Meridian Professional MPL Encoder; visit www.sadieus.comE-mu ( has released Version 4.6 of its Emulator Operating System (EOS), the operating system for E-mu's E4 sampling line of instruments; users can now import Ensoniq ASR sounds via floppy and SCSI. Other new features include new RFX plug-ins, including a 13-band Vocoder, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Muxter and Quad Muxter. EOS Version 4.6 is available for free download at E-mu's Website and will ship standard with all E4 Ultra samplers…Emtec introduces 2.6GB and 5.2GB MO disks engineered specifically for professional audio recording, with features such as certification routines that eliminate “re-tries.” For more information, visit…The Primera Composer is a low-cost ($2,495) duplicator that copies up to 50 CDs per batch. A color printer is optional. Visit