New Software/Hardware for Audio Production

BIAS PEAK 2.5 VST Berkley Integrated Audio Software Inc. announces BIAS Peak 2.5 VST, which now offers complete VST support. The new version will ship

BIAS PEAK 2.5 VSTBerkley Integrated Audio Software Inc. announces BIAS Peak 2.5 VST, which now offers complete VST support. The new version will ship with more than 25 free VST plug-ins. Version 2.5 has an enhanced interface and adds IDR dithering technology from Waves, support for SMDI transfers using Ultra-wide SCSI devices, a more powerful Guess Tempo function, a Loop-It command for looping audio selections automatically, a Repair Click function and new metering algorithms with greater display precision. Peak 2.5 VST also offers fully integrated support for CDDB, which automatically names CD tracks via the online CDDB database during importing of audio CD tracks. A new links menu integrates the program with technical support, online documentation and other resources on the BIAS Web site, Peak's new authorization system no longer relies upon floppy key diskettes and challenge/response codes. Two editions of BIAS Peak 2.5 are available: VST BIAS Peak, the standard professional version ($499), includes support for Premiere, Audiosuite and VST plug-ins; BIAS Peak TDM ($699) adds TDM support. An entry-level edition, BIAS Peak le 2.5 (MSRP $99) is also available. BIAS also offers three Powerbook editions, each bundled with the Digigram Vxpocket PCMCIA digital I/O card. See the Web site for upgrade information and pricing.

M AUDIO OMNI I/OM Audio's ( Omni I/O Integrated Desktop Audio Station is a front end for the Delta 44 and Delta 66 interface cards, combining to build a complete desktop studio. The Omni I/O is a half-rack unit with a variety of inputs and outputs, built-in preamps and an internal mixer that emulates a split console routing design. The recording section features two mic/instrument and two line-level balanced/unbalanced analog ins, two XLR phantom powered mic/instrument ins, insert I/O jacks, individual gain controls and pad and signal/clip indicator LEDs. The mixing section includes four Delta outputs (that can be used simultaneously as independent balanced/unbalanced direct outs), plus four stereo aux inputs for MIDI devices, Mix Out, control room outs, two headphone outputs and one mono effect send per channel.

MINNETONKA GOES NATIVEMinnetonka Audio Software ( now offers native versions of its MxTrax multitrack editing system and Mx51 surround sound authoring software. The applications will run on Layla, MOTU 2408 and 1224 and other audio hardware systems that use ASIO or .WAV drivers. MxTrax features a drag-and-drop mixer architecture for creating custom mixer configurations, with automation, nondestructive waveform editing and a variety of effects (including DirectX plug-in compatibility), plus the ability to save tracks, custom mixer, control automation and edits as a Project file. Mx51 adds surround mixing capabilities with surround panners on each channel, a subBass crossover that can be dropped on any channel, automatic creation of a 5.1 bus and an integrated interface to Minnetonka's optional SurCode encoders for Dolby Digital or DTS.

TC WORKS SPARK MODULARSpark Modular from TC Works ( is a modular, virtual, analog synth, operating with Spark editing system or as a stand-alone, Mac-based, VST instrument. Spark Modular uses Spark's open-ended FXMachine to create synthesizers using combinations of its built-in modules, which include TCO, a dual-monophonic oscillator with pulse width modulation, a sub-oscillator, oscillator sync, ring modulation and an integrated LFO; the TCF filter module with lowpass filters with resonance, highpass filter, envelope and envelope follower, single and multitrigger; and a TCA amplifier module with ADSR curve and more. A Drive feature employs TC's SoftSat processing; the package also includes TCSEQ, a 16-step sequencer plug-in that can sync to MIDI, change pattern direction and use multiple sequencers in the matrix at the same time. Spark Modular has a VST instrument version of FXMachine for use with sequencers supporting VST instruments. Retail is $99.

MICROBOARDS AUDIOWRITE PRO 8AudioWrite Pro 8 from Microboards (www.micro is a portable, stand-alone, 8x CD recording system. Priced at $499, the system enables direct connection to analog audio sources, allowing users to record live events in real time directly into the system on standard 74- or 80-minute media. An optional Audio-Write Pro 8 Suite premastering/editing software bundle ($649 with hardware) enables connection to a Mac or PC and burning audio, video or data CDs at 8x speed. The Windows AudioWrite Pro 8 software includes Sonic Foundry CD Architect and XP, Hot Burn, PlayWrite MP3 software (for creating audio CDs from MP3 files) and PCI SCSI card with cable. The Mac version includes Adaptec Toast and Adaptec Jam.

Native Instruments' ( new Pro-52 virtual synth can import Prophet-5 SysEx sound data and includes a multi-effects unit and preset sounds. It replaces the Pro 5, which has been discontinued...Digital Audio Research ( introduced FXManager, a sound effects management interface for DAR's CDAdvance, 40x, fast-copying audio CD system. FXManager gives SoundStation Storm workstations access to database information on thousands of sound effects and displays detailed information on individual effects...The Digigram ( NCX Network Audio Terminal distributes digital audio data over a standard Ethernet network; it is designed for a range of audio-over-Ethernet applications, including audio on demand, permanent playback and public access...CreamWare (www. released Version 2.01 of the Pulsar DSP system. The new version, for Mac and PC platforms, includes Mac support for the STS-3000 and STS-4000 sampler plug-ins, a series of Modular2 synthesizer patches and a revised manual...Yamaha announced a partnership with Sonic Foundry to provide software applications for Yamaha's ( AW4416 Professional Audio Workstation. The software bundle includes ACID Style, Sound Forge XP4.5 and Siren Xpress and will be packaged as a free CD-ROM with the AW4416. In other Yamaha news, the UX256 USB-MIDI interface ($299) is a new cross-platform, single rack-unit interface capable of controlling 256 channels of MIDI with software drivers for USB-equipped PCs and Macs ...Korg released a software update for the D16 digital recording studio. The D16V2 OS update provides support for data back-up to CD-R/CD-RW, the ability to import and export .WAV files using PC-formatted media, enhanced MIDI support and more. In other Korg news, a Windows version of the OASYS PCI card is now shipping. Go to for more information...IBM's Electronic Media Management System offers secure music distribution and digital rights management. The system is designed to support a broad range of media types, beginning with music and audio content. Visit