New Sound Reinforcement Products

A-T UHF WIRELESS Engineered Sound UHF Wireless Systems from Audio-Technica ( provide high performance, flexibility and simple operation.


Engineered Sound UHF Wireless Systems from Audio-Technica( high performance, flexibility and simple operation. Tworeceivers and two transmitters offer true diversity operation, with100 switch-selectable frequencies in the UHF TV Channel 57-59 bands(728-741 MHz). Transmitters include the ESW-T211 UHFUniPak™ body pack ($450) and theESW-T214 UHF handheld mic/transmitter ($500). New receivers are theESW-R220 dual-receiver ($1,450), with two independent receivers,and the rack-mountable ESW-R210 ($875). Up to 12 channels can beused simultaneously in multichannel applications, and receiversinclude antenna combiner/divider distro systems and XLR balancedand ¼-inch unbalanced audio outputs.
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Meyer Sound Labs ( is now shipping M3D, a linearray system based on a 2-way, self-powered,20×54×30.5-inch (H×W×D) enclosure. The cabinetface has two 15-inch woofers flanking a CQ horn (fed by two 4-inchdiaphragm, 1.5-inch throat compression drivers), with a second pairof rear-firing 15s adding to the LF punch. The onboard amps providea total of 4,500 watts (1,125 watts RMS/channel) with class AB/Hcomplementary power MOSFET output stages for a maximum peak SPL of145 dB, and the electronics offer an automatic voltage selectionthat functions at any voltage from 95 to 125 and 208 to 235 VAC.Specs include a free-field frequency response of 42 Hz to 16 kHz,±4 dB, with an operating frequency range of 35 Hz to 18 kHz.The 390-pound cabinet is built of multiply Finnish birch, with aprotective steel grille and QuickFly™rigging frame with integral CamLinks™,rear connecting bars and captive quick-release pins.
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Tannoy ( hasannounced the PowerDual™ iQ10, adual-concentric mid-/high-drive unit with a 60°×40°dispersion pattern. Developed in conjunction with Funktion-One'sTony Andrews — a leading UK designer — the PowerDualiQ10 is suitable for live and fixed installation applications,where intelligibility of speech and music are of prime importance.Crossover functions and EQ are provided by the Tannoy TDX2controller, which also provides crossover and EQ functions forother Tannoy speaker combinations, available via presets; the TDX2can be updated via a PC and its RS-232 interface.
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Shure ( new subminiature lavalier mics. The WL50 omni condenser hasa 20-20k Hz frequency response and is supplied with mesh caps thatprovide two EQ curves: a mild 4dB boost from 8-18 kHz or +10 dBcentered at 12 kHz. The WL50 is available in white, black and beige(the latter two available in a reduced-sensitivity version) and issupplied with a magnet mount, a swiveling lapel clip, dual-tie clipand pin mount. The provided TA4F cable connector is compatible withall Shure wireless transmitters; WL50s may also be ordered withunterminated cables. Price range: $286 to $340.
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Future Sonics ( has upgraded its EarMonitors® brand of“in-ear-type” custom earphones with new drivers. Thenew, full-range MG4™ driver (designedfor use with custom ear molds) is engineered for increased output,improved dynamics and outstanding sound quality. The MG4 driver isnow standard in new Ear Monitors brand custom earphones and may beused to replace existing drivers. Ear Monitors can also be used toupgrade any existing in-ear monitoring system that uses a standard⅛-inch stereo plug connection. Price: $798.
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Electro Voice's ( RACE (Realtime AcousticCluster Editor) software can display the complete frequency andphase response of an entire audio system, including loudspeakerprocessors, power amps and speakers, on a PC in real time. RACEallows users to test and analyze different system settings offlineand configure multiple different presets during pre-production orrehearsals. During online operation, the PC connects to theD×38 controller via the RS-232 interface. The software isincluded with the purchase of the D×38 controller or RACEsoftware, and several loudspeaker files can be downloaded
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Ashly Audio ( the Protea 4.24C Digital Crossover/System Processor, afully programmable 4-in/8-out, 24-bit digital processor, providinga comprehensive crossover, EQ, limiter, delay and gain controlfunctions for simple and complex loudspeaker systems. Factory anduser presets are editable via a front panel 2×20 characterinterface, Protea PC software (for storing/recalling multiplesystem configurations) or MIDI commands. Each input offers fourconfigurable parametric/shelving EQs, time delay and gain control;a variety of crossover and filter slopes are available. Connectionsinclude XLR I/Os, RS-232 (front panel) and MIDI In/Out.
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