JBL EXPANDS MPRO SERIES JBL Professional ( has added the MP212 and MP225 to its MPro 200 Series loudspeakers. The MP212 is a portable,


JBL Professional ( has added the MP212 and MP225 to its MPro 200 Series loudspeakers. The MP212 is a portable, two-way speaker system with a 12-inch woofer and a 1-inch titanium diaphragm, horn-loaded HF compression driver. Capable of handling 250 watts continuous, the MP212 features SonicGuard™ HF protection circuitry and internal crossover. The MPro MP225 is a dual 15-inch, two-way, 500-watt system with an integrated crossover that reduces MF phase anomalies by rolling off the two woofers at different frequencies. The MP225 also features a titanium-diaphragm HF driver and large-mouth 70°×70° horn. Both new MPro two-way systems feature JBL's exclusive Laminar Flow Baffle™ design that integrates horn, woofer mounting and ports into a one-piece, molded part. All MPro 200 Series speakers feature a carpet-covered, 18mm plywood enclosure with steel handles and grille. Inputs are Neutrik Speakon NL-4s and ¼-inch.


Yamaha Professional Audio ( has introduced its Club S Series speakers with five new models. The $399 S112IVS and $429 SM112IVS floor monitor feature a two-way bass reflex design with a 12-inch woofer and 2-inch HF driver, and offer a power handling of 400 watts. The $435 S115IVS and $575 S115IVAS each contain a 15-inch woofer and 2-inch HF driver coupled to a 90°×45° CD horn. The S115IVAS has pre-installed hanging hardware for permanent applications. A companion SM118IVS subwoofer ($539) has an 18-inch cast frame woofer, and produces low frequencies down to 40 Hz with an 800W power-handling capacity. All Club S Series models feature a paintable, durable black polyurethane elastomeric-bonded exterior.


The DEQ624 stereo graphic EQ from PreSonus (www. combines a familiar analog interface with 24-bit DSP. Its dual 31-band equalizers are switchable among three ranges of operation (±6, ±12 dB or +12/-24 dB), and the unit also includes a brick-wall limiter with variable threshold and a downward expander with variable ratio and threshold. EQ sections include high- and lowpass filters and a Hi Q switch that changes Q from 4.75 to 8.0. Up to four EQ presets can be recalled, and a user-programmable password locks all front faceplate controls. All programmed settings are retained on power-down. An Adaptive Hum Cancellation algorithm identifies and eliminates 60Hz hum, and channel A EQ settings may be copied to channel B. Inputs and outputs are XLR balanced, ¼-inch unbalanced and barrier strip. Price: $799.95.


The Friend Series of passive speaker systems for club, installation and rental applications from Stage Accompany ( consists of four models, the F1, F5, F7 and F9. The F1 offers a broad coverage angle of 140°×120°. The F5, F7 and F9 feature double-Speakon connectors, steel grille and flush-mounted speakers to prevent baffle reflection, which can cause frequency instability in the on-axis response. The F9 has a frequency response of 66-20k Hz and is capable of 120dB peak SPLs. The rigid trapezoidal birch cabinets are finished in SA's Protexture coating and available in any color. Multiple mounting options include Trussmount with or without fly frame, Standmount with or without frame, multiple wall and ceiling mounts, and OmniMount or equivalent.