New Sound Reinforcement Products

CREST CPX AMPS Crest Audio ( debuts its CPX Series power amplifiers in three power ratings. The CPX900 produces 450 W/channel at 2


Crest Audio ( debuts its CPX Series power amplifiers in three power ratings. The CPX900 produces 450 W/channel at 2 ohms (900 W at 4 ohms, bridged mono), the CPX1500 delivers 750 W/side at 2 ohms (1,500 W at 4 ohms, bridged mono), and the CPX2600 produces 1,300 W/channel at 2 ohms (2,600 W at 4 ohms, bridged mono). Frequency response is 20-20k Hz; THD is less than 0.1% at rated power for all models. CPX Series amplifiers provide a built-in crossover (150 Hz, 24 dB/octave tuned for subwoofers) with individual in/out switches for channels A and B. Features include thermal/DC protection, on/off output muting, barrier strip and combo XLR/¼-inch TRS inputs and Speakon outs. A two-speed fan combined with a unique heat sink configuration enhances cooling. All CPX Series amps are 2U tall, offer switched-stereo or bridged-mono operation and have a three-year warranty.
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Eastern Acoustic Works ( announces the KF760 Series Line Array, consisting of two horn-loaded, three-way loudspeaker models used in multiples to create a curved line source. Using a technique called “divergence shading,” the KF760 Line Array is designed for minimal signal processing with all loudspeakers set for equal output levels. Used together, model KF760 (medium- to long-throw coverage) and model KF761 (short-throw coverage) can provide uniform SPL and frequency response to the entire audience, from the front row to the farthest seat. Both models offer a usable 45-16k Hz range and are constructed of Baltic birch plywood with polyurethane structural foam, integral flying, and rigging hardware with captive, retractable hinges. The KF760 is about 190 pounds, and the KF761 is about 160 pounds, while their overall dimensions are the same: 14.5×45×31 inches (H×W×D).
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Electro-Voice ( intros the QRx line with three full-range, two-way cabinets offering a rotatable 75×50° constant directivity horn and three direct radiator subwoofers. All QRx two-way systems are designed for pole mounting, and two (the QRx112/75, featuring a 12-inch woofer, and the QRx115/75, loaded with a 15-inch woofer) have five-sided cabinets for use as floor wedges or as wall-/ceiling-mount speakers. All three Q-Rx Series full range units are bi-ampable (a secure external switch selects Passive or Bi-amp modes) and include high-frequency driver protection circuitry. Safe-Grip handles, standard pole mount and L-track fittings are standard. The QRx215S dual 15-inch sub and the QRx218S dual 18-inch sub are also available in Flying versions. A QRx212/75 (dual 12-inch) and QRx118S (single 18-inch) sub are available.
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The TP 5025 truck pack road case from 10 Co. Industries ( is a light and sturdy container, suitable for equipment, cables and instruments. Made of lightweight, high-impact polyethylene, the steel-reinforced road cases are designed for stacking and have tightly locking lids. The TP 5025 (shown) is available with internal dividers for ½-ton and 1-ton chain hoist motors. 10 Co. also offers a range of wheeled utility trucks in several colors. Options include security lids, handles, shelves, dividers, garment hanging bars, drains and caster upgrades.
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The Trilogy T 406 4-bus console from Studiomaster ( provides 32 inputs (28 balanced mono mic channels and four stereo line inputs) and is designed for use as an FOH board, stage monitor mixer or recording desk. Mono channels feature inserts and direct outputs, 3-band EQ, 100Hz highpass filter, six pre/post selectable aux sends, channel mute and signal present LED indicators, PFL and solo-in-place and 60mm faders. The four subgroups may be assigned to the main left/right, and direct outputs are also available. Four stereo returns offer individual level control, PFL/AFL switches and may be assigned to groups and/or the main stereo bus. Other features include: 48V global phantom power, stereo control room outs, 2-track tape outs, headphone monitor bus and rackmount PSU. The T 406 can be expanded to 42 channels (62 total inputs) or 52 channels (76 total inputs) with Studiomaster's T 140ex 10-channel expander. Price is $1,895.
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