New Sound Reinforcement Products

PEAVEY POWERED MIXER The XR 1600F from Peavey ( is a powered 20-channel mixer with three power amps (for driving stereo FOH and a single


The XR 1600F from Peavey ( is a powered 20-channel mixer with three power amps (for driving stereo FOH and a single mix monitor system, for example). Channels 1 to 14 feature discrete low-noise mic preamps, phantom power, line-level ¼-inch inputs and 3-band EQ. Channels 15/16 and 17/18 are stereo. Channel 19/20, also a stereo channel, includes 2-band EQ and stereo tape input/output jacks. An onboard Deltafex™ digital signal processor provides 16 stereo digital effects. The master section has two 9-band graphic equalizers with FLS (an automated feedback location system) and a 7-segment LED level meter for the stereo master out. The XR 1600F can also be used as a stereo amplifier with EQ.
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Martin Audio's ( Wavefront WT UB is a compact enclosure designed for theater underbalcony and fill applications. Containing two 6.5-inch cone drivers splayed 60° and three soft-dome, 1-inch HF units in a line array, the WT UB exhibits a wide 120° coverage pattern and is capable of 115dB SPL continuous (121dB peaks). On-axis frequency response is 80-18k Hz ±3 dB, and the passive system includes a 1.2kHz crossover and HF protection circuitry. Constructed of multi-laminate birch, the 12kg cabinet features a 45° rear angle for down-facing ceiling mounting, M8 inserts for a dedicated mounting bracket and a pole mount socket. The Neutrik NL4MP connectors allow daisy-chained cabinets to be fed with two discrete signals.
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The ES40 from Stage Accompany ( is a 2-channel Class-G design amplifier capable of delivering 1,810 watts continuous (2,850 watts peak) per channel at 2 ohms. Featuring individual power supplies, the ES 40 is the latest in SA's Efficiency Series range and has a proprietary damping control circuit that results in a damping factor of 10,000. Control modules specific to various SA loudspeaker models may be inserted in front-accessible slots to ensure maximum output combined with optimized clip/protection characteristics. Additional features include ACE™ active clip monitoring circuitry, DC and short circuit protection, 2-ohm load stability, Easy Bridge mode and Soft Start power-on circuitry.
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Soundcraft ( intros new sofware for its Broadway digitally controlled analog mixing console. Version 3 system software adds new crossfade capabilities and an Off-set Group feature, allowing manual changes to a programmed show be written to selected channels as user-defined cues. V. 3 software also integrates an Offline Editor function, a stand-alone PC software package that allows advance programming and editing of new and existing Broadway projects. A new feature allows channels to be given up to four “Family” names, simplifying VCA assignments.
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Cable Factory ( debuts a new DI in both active and passive versions. Both the P-1 (passive) and AP-1 (active) units are housed in an extruded, blue, anodized, aluminum box containing a Lundahl LL1530 transformer. The AP-1 is selectable active/passive and, in Active mode, provides a 15dB signal boost. The AP-1 is powered by two Ni-Cad batteries, which are rechargeable via phantom power or an external power supply. Both units feature TRS input and loop-through, and XLR output connectors and a dimple-punched recessed ground lift switch. Prices are $99.95 for the P-1, and $129.95 for the AP-1.
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