New Sound Reinforcement Products

SABINE WIRELESS MODELING MICS Sabine ( has announced the first wireless microphone system with True Diversity 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology.


Sabine ( has announced the first wireless microphone system with True Diversity 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology. The 2.4GHz band is globally accepted and clear of the new DTV frequencies; spread spectrum allows up to 50 units to operate within a single location. Sabine's SWM-5000 Wireless Microphones are available in 1- and 2-channel models and include Sabine's new Mic SuperModeling™ feature, which uses built-in DSP to model several well-known dynamic and condenser mic elements (the standard capsule for the SWM-5000 Series is an Audix OM-5). As well as including Sabine's FBX Feedback Exterminator™, a compressor/limiter and an intelligent de-esser, the SWM-5000 Series allows users to save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. Each transmitter comes with a long-life rechargeable NiMH battery, and receivers include both analog and digital audio outputs. Series 5000 systems are available with handheld, lavalier or headset microphones, and Switchcraft TA4F connectors allow users to choose other manufacturers' mics. All transmitters are built for heavy-duty use, with controls hidden behind security covers and hard rubber integral antennae on the beltpacks. Accessories include rackmount antenna distribution for up to six receivers and a low-profile extension antenna as well.
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The Entertainer Series E 27 loudspeaker from Stage Accompany ( is a full-range, passively crossed-over system with a frequency response of 55 — 30k Hz and is capable of up to 127dB SPL. Featuring SA's Ribbon Compact Driver™ for mids and highs and a SA 1513 bass driver with a 4-inch voice coil, the E 27 offers multiple mounting options for truss, wall, ceiling and standmount applications. Integral Dynamic Damping Control circuitry, when used with a DCC™-equipped amplifier, provides a damping factor of 10,000. Optionally, the horizontally oriented trapezoid cabinet is available in several colors.
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Professional Audio Systems ( offers a range of amplifier and rackmount equipment racks. Manufactured from Baltic birch and featuring two handles per side, front and rear rack rails, removable wheeled pallets, and front and rear removable lids with “coffin lock” or twist-lock lid fasteners, the racks are available in eight, 12 and 16-space models. Stripped-down versions without wheels, handles, lids and rear rails are available for permanent installations. Finishes include TourTuff, black or white textured paint, or unfinished.
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Tsunami Technologies ( has announced a new 10-input mixer/amplifier featuring three integrated amplifiers (two 400W 4-ohm master channels and one 200W 4-ohm monitor channel). The “boxtop”-style package weighs 45 lbs. and includes eight balanced lo-Z mic inputs and two convertible stereo or dual-line inputs. Channel EQ is 3-band with HP filter, monitor and effects sends, mute switch and stereo pan on each input. Additional features include multichannel digital effects and 9-band graphic EQs on stereo master and monitor outputs.
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BGW Systems Inc. ( has introduced three new 2-channel power amplifiers in its GT Series. Ranging from the 660-watts/channel (at 4 ohms) GT3000 to the 1,440-watts/channel (at 4 ohms) GT6500, the GT Series has been designed specifically for touring and live sound applications. Features common to the GT3000, GT4500 and GT6500 include Class-H design and conventional power supplies, which offer lower part counts over switching power supplies. Front panel LED indicators display power, signal, clip and protection status. Speaker protection circuitry is augmented by 30/15Hz switchable highpass filters and a switchable fast Limit™ circuit. All amps feature mono/stereo/dual stereo switches for signal routing and a ground lift switch. Inputs are XLR and ¼-inch, and outputs are Neutrik Speakon™ and touchproof barrier strips.
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The UPM-2P from Meyer Sound ( is a bi-amplified, three-way system housed in a compact, low-profile enclosure. Featuring flat frequency response across a tightly focused symmetrical 45° coverage pattern, the UPM-2P is similar to Meyer's 2000 TEC Award-winning UPM-1P, the major difference being a tighter coverage pattern. The UPM-2P contains dual 5-inch cone transducers, a 1-inch titanium dome HF driver and two Class-A/B bridged complementary output MOSFET power amplifiers (225W and 125W RMS). Above 5 kHz, the UPM-2P's focused pattern control is achieved by a deeper symmetrical horn, while below 5 kHz, the proprietary signal processing circuitry adjusts phase relationships between the HF driver and dual low-mid drivers, achieving off-axis attenuation through phase interference. The compact UPM-2P system (18×6.7×7.7-inches) weighs 21 lbs., offers looping PowerCon AC connectors, includes modular audio input options and is compatible with RMS (Meyer Sound's Remote Monitoring System). Price is $2,100.
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The 8CX21 coaxial transducer from B&C Speakers ( offers a frequency response of 70-18k Hz and can handle up to 200 watts of continuous program. Comprising an 8-inch woofer with a 2-inch voice coil motor structure and a B&C DE12 high-frequency compression driver, the coaxial unit is designed for wide bandwidth and consistent off-axis response; dispersion angle for the HF unit is 60° (-6 dB). Accessories include a passive crossover (2.9 kHz) with mounting bracket, a selection of 70-volt transformers, back box and grille assemblies. The 8CX21 weighs 11.5 lbs., and recommended enclosure volume is 0.5 cubic feet.
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Audio-Technica ( has expanded its 7000 Series Multichannel UHF Wireless system to include 100 additional frequencies in the 600MHz range (the original 7000 Series Systems operates in the 700MHz band). The new 7000x systems include the ATW-7373x Handheld Condenser System, the ATW-7375x UniPak™ Trans-mitter System and the ATW-7376x Handheld Dynamic System.

Offering a choice of 100 PLL-synthesized channels with True Diversity operation, the 7000 Series now provides more options for users in areas with extensive-RF congestion. The new frequencies (656-668MHz, TV channels 45, 46 and 47) allow more systems to be used simultaneously, as well as provide frequency options for today and for the future as digital television (DTV) continues coming online. The Audio-Technica Website includes two interactive online applications: “Selecting A-T Frequencies” allows users to get information on which frequencies are compatible with broadcast television stations operating in a particular area; and “Checking Frequency Compatibility” allows users to check up to 30 frequencies for possible intermodulation interference.
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