New Sound Reinforcement Products

COMMUNITY XLT500 SERIES Community Professional Loudspeakers ( adds five new models to its XLT500 Series, including two stage monitors


Community Professional Loudspeakers ( adds five new models to its XLT500 Series, including two stage monitors (models XLT502 and XLT505), a compact, dual-15 subwoofer (model XLT509), and two three-way P.A. systems in trapezoidal enclosures (models XLT525 and XLT530). All XLT500 models (except the sub) feature a UC-1 1-inch compression driver, and full-range models feature IntelliSense™ protective circuitry and PowerMeter™ LED indicators designed for peak performance without risk of damage. A newly developed, sandwich-core plywood construction combines strength with light weight, and some models offer corner protectors, recessed handles, a black-carpet finish and stand sockets. The new XLT500 Series retail from $779 to $999.


Midas ( announces the Legend Series of live mixing consoles. Debuting with the Legend 3000, the series features a semi-modular console constructed in blocks of eight, each of which is split into three sections. Preamp circuitry is derived from the Midas XL4, and EQ is based on that in the XL3. Further, every input channel has two sets of EQ — one for monitors and one for FOH — as well as two faders for complete control over each mix. Additional features include 12 aux sends.


Meyer Sound ( intros the DF-4, a self-powered downfill loudspeaker system designed to provide balanced coverage below and immediately in front of larger flown arrays. The compact enclosure has a direct-radiating MS-815 15-inch LF driver and a 4-inch diaphragm HF compression driver coupled to a symmetrical 50° horn. Specs include a 65-18k Hz (±4dB) response, max 134dB peak SPLs at 1 meter, and a 50°×50° coverage pattern from 2-18 kHz. The amp and signal processing are housed in a single, field-replaceable module. The 2-channel, Class AB/H power amp produces 1,240 watts (620W/channel) peak, and it includes TruPower™ limiting, phase-corrected active crossover and Intelligent AC power supply. The DF-4 comes equipped with both standard aircraft pan fittings and Meyer Sound's new QuickFly L-Track-based hardware, and the DF-4 readily attaches to arrays configured from Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems.


AKG's ( MicroMic III Series of live sound mics feature improved signal/noise ratio (5 dB better than the MicroMic II Series). The new line includes the C 430 pencil-type cardioid condenser — specifically for cymbal and overhead miking — and the D 409 hypercardioid dynamic mic, which is designed to clip onto woodwinds, brass, drums and percussion instruments. Most MicroMic III Series models are available with connectors for use with wireless transmitters.


The OCP V.1 tube microphone preamp from Valvotronics ( is a transformer-coupled, low-noise, tube-amplified mic input circuit board using a single dual triode, and it fits on a 3.5×5.2-inch PC board that can be placed inside most modular consoles. Originally designed for the Cadac J-Type theater sound console, the OCP V.1 can be fitted into many other console input modules.