New Sound Reinforcement Products

SENNHEISER E865 VOCAL MIC Sennheiser ( has released the e865, the first electret condenser microphone in the company's Evolution

SENNHEISER E865 VOCAL MICSennheiser ( has released the e865, the first electret condenser microphone in the company's Evolution Series. The e865 features a supercardioid, pick-up pattern with an uncolored, off-axis response, and it can withstand sound pressure levels of up to 150 dB. Contained in a rugged, all-metal housing, the e865 reportedly excels at feedback rejection and offers a frequency response of 40-20k Hz. The mic ships with a pouch and mic clip and is priced at $399. Sennheiser is also now shipping the Kick-Pack for drummers. The $415.95 Kick-Pack includes an e602 mic, cable and mini mic stand. Optimized for high-sound pressure levels and extended, low-frequency response, the e602 features a cardioid polar pattern.

ATI PARAGON II PRODUCTION CONSOLEAudio Toys Inc. ( intros the Paragon II Production console, a comprehensive, large-scale mixer that includes Distributed Intelligence technology, which allows the console to route and remember Group, VCA and muting assignments without the need for a central computer. In standard configuration, the Paragon II console offers 64 mic inputs and eight stereo line inputs, all routable to groups or mix buses, plus four stereo line inputs routable to stereo master or matrix outputs. Each input channel features 4-band parametric EQ, gate and compressor, and true LCR panning with LCR subgroup capability. All input channels also offer a stereo direct out and insert send, each with level control. Outputs include eight stereo audio groups with inserts, two main mono mix outs and two main stereo mix outs, controllable via eight VCA groups and two VCA grand masters. Paragon II also features eight stereo matrix outs with inserts and eight mono and four stereo aux buses. Options include channel and aux mutes, snapshot fader recall and dynamic moving fader automation.

HAFLER CINEMA AMPSHafler ( debuts a series of fixed install amps with cinema-specific features. The new Hafler GX Series is one of three new amp series based on the C Series platform; the new series differs only in cosmetics, input processing and output capabilities. For the GX Series amp, two optional plug-in Cinema Cards provide the crossover features needed for the typical cinema installation. Users may select from 500 or 800Hz crossover frequency and 4th-order lowpass, highpass or full-range operation. DIP switches select from six time delays, and the crossover includes a phase inversion switch and a continuously variable CD horn equalization function. In Bridged Mono mode, both channels may be configured with a single Cinema Card. GX Series models are available with 300/600/1,200-watt power ratings. The two-rackspace, 300- and 600-watt units feature new Class G circuitry based around the patented Trans-nova platform; they also include switching power supplies and use surface-mount and MOSFET technologies. All are fan-cooled and 115V/230V-adaptable.

E-V CPS AMPSThe Electro-Voice ( CPS Series of 2-channel professional amps offers four models ranging from 450 to 1,300 watts/channel. The CPS-1 ($958) is rated at 450 watts (per side into 4 ohms at 1 kHz), the CPS-2 ($1,258) at 600 watts, the CPS-3 ($1,790) at 900 watts and the CPS-4 ($2,350) at 1,300 watts. The CPS amps are German-made and incorporate a 5-way protection/safety system, wide dynamic range and a rugged design. The protection package features 3-speed, front-to-rear cooling, an Excessive Back-EMF monitor and a Nonlinear Signal monitor that limits amp distortion to less than 1%.

BEYERDYNAMIC OPUS MICSBeyerdynamic ( introduces the Opus Series of microphones optimized for music performance. The new Opus 65, 69, 81 and 83 cover a full range of popular microphone types. The Opus 65 is designed for kick drums, congas and timpani and features a 38mm diameter diaphragm in a powerful neodymium magnet; the Opus 69 is a dynamic mic suited for live vocals; the Opus 81 is a handheld condenser capable of handling up to 138dB SPL; the Opus 83 is a condenser mic built from solid brass and is suited for drums and other acoustic instruments.