New Sound Reinforcement Products

GARWOOD APM MONITOR SYSTEMS Audio-Technica ( is now distributing APM Series personal monitoring products from Garwood (


Audio-Technica ( is now distributing APM Series personal monitoring products from Garwood ( Using headphones or in-ear monitors, the APM Series offers simplified wiring, superb audio and freedom from batteries and AC cables onstage, as the APM 200/APM 400 main units supply power and stereo audio to local monitor stations over a single XLR cable. The system lets users balance their own sound with the ensemble or with a click track via a miniature mixer on the 3-channel APM 31 headphone amp. A simpler APM 12 dual headphone amp is available for applications in which individual user-mixing is not required, such as orchestras and choirs.


The third generation of Allen & Heath's ( MixWizard line of multipurpose 12 to 16-input stereo analog mixers now includes enhanced preamps, individual phantom power switches, lamp sockets, jumpers for customizing aux sends and direct outs, and backup power supply capability. The new WZ316:2 and WZ312:2 feature a dedicated mono output fader with mode to control aux fed subs, while the WZ314:4:2 builds on the company's dual functionality and boasts a 6×2 matrix.

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Future Sonics ( announces SofterWear™ custom-fit sleeves for use with its universal-fit products. The option ($135, plus the cost of ear impressions) offers an affordable alternative for those who want custom-fit personal monitoring, and provides a “stepping stone” to the company's Ear Monitors® brand custom-fit professional products. The SofterWear sleeves will fit all Future Sonics Model EM3 and Sennheiser IE3 (packaged with the Evolution 300 wireless monitor system) earphones.


Crown ( is now shipping its flagship I-Tech Series stereo amps. These two-rackspace, less-than-28-pound units feature Crown's patented Class-I switching output design and operate from 120 to 277 VAC lines. Crown TCP/IQ interfacing allows IQ control over Ethernet and a front panel LCD provides fast access to setup parameters and diagnostics. AES/EBU digital audio inputs are standard, as are analog XLR inputs; optional CobraNet digital audio inputs are planned. The I-T4000 has 2,000 watts/channel, the I-T6000 has 3,000 W/channel and I-T8000 has 4,000 W/channel — all into a 4-ohm load.


The latest add to the ELGAR software control shell is PC remote control for Klark Teknik's ( Helix DN9340 digital EQ system. The controller mirrors the unit's operation, allowing instant and simultaneous online control of up to 64 channels of EQ from a laptop, tablet computer or compatible device. A FastNav feature provides access to any function of any channel with two button-clicks for quick, simple control of even the largest systems. The software is available as a free download from the company's site.


Neutrik ( announces the Speakon® Combo NLJ2MD-V, a unique combination of a ¼-inch jack and the Speakon chassis connector in one shell. The concept of the Speakon Combo is similar to that of Neutrik's current popular Combo Series, where a female XLR receptacle is combined with a ¼-inch jack. The two-pole Speakon Combo is compatible with the existing NL4MD-V panel cutout and vertical PCB layout. The mating connector on the Speakon Combo can be either a Speakon cable connector (NL2FC, NL4FC, NL4FX or NL4FRX) or a ¼-inch TS plug.