New Sound Reinforcement Products

MACKIE ONYX 80 LIVE MIXERS Designed specifically for live applications, the Onyx 80 console series from Mackie ( features the company's

Designed specifically for live applications, the Onyx 80 console series from Mackie ( features the company's flagship Onyx preamps and the 4-band Perkins EQ. Available in 24/32/40/48-channel frames, all have a 10×2 matrix, four mute groups, an aux/group flip function, eight stereo aux return inputs and eight aux sends with a stereo link function for up to four IEM mixes. A modular bucket design and heavy-duty aluminum I-beam extrusions create a rigid, non-flex chassis; a redundant rackmount power supply is optional.

Alcons Audio ( debuts the RBN1801, a massive 18-inch-long ribbon transducer with a 1-20kHz response and max SPLs of 145 dB. The Isophasic Planar driver's waveguide offers constant 90° horizontal directivity out to 20 kHz; the unit's symmetric push-pull design provides dipole radiation and is magnetically shielded.

Renkus-Heinz ( is shipping EASERA®, the Electronic & Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analyzer. Requiring only a laptop PC and a decent-quality sound card, EASERA provides audio test/measurement tools such as MLS, TDS and dual-FFT. The standard 48kHz EASERA is 2-channel; EASERA PRO allows up to 32 simultaneous I/Os at up to 192 kHz. An optional TEF/TDS module developed with Gold Line requires a TEF-USB AD/DA converter/preamp. EASERA can be used with any mic (some advanced functions require a calibrated mic) and supports all current sound cards. Functions and measurements include “waterfall” energy time curves, impulse response, STI, %ALCONS, direct and total SPL, RMS, crest factor, distortion and more. EASERA exports data in a variety of formats such as .WAV, EASE, TEF and MLSSA. EASERA editing features include user-defined filters and windows, addition/division/merging/cutting files, smoothing, averaging, integrating and differentiating. Measurements can be weighted/displayed on logarithmic or linear scales in a range of resolutions.

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EAW ( expands its popular JFX Series with the JFXi portable two-way speakers. All six new models feature EAW's new Orbital Magnet Array woofers, using individual magnets around the voicecoil and pole rather than a solid ring, thus enhancing airflow through the magnet structure to increase thermal capacity and reduce power compression. A scalloped outer profile generates greater flux density for higher sensitivity and is said to provide lower distortion and improved LF transients. JFXi 10-inch and 15-inch woofer cones are Fiberglas-filled and coated for moisture protection. Compression drivers use highly damped titanium diaphragms and neodymium magnets for clear high frequencies. Like the other JFX Series, the JFXi models have multi-angle enclosures that work equally well on stands, walls, floors and ceilings.

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FiberPlex ( debuts a wall panel enclosure option for its Light Viper VIS-1832 fiber-optic snakes. The flush-mount's 17×17×3.25-inch (H×W×D) panel includes a rough-in box that mounts between two standard (16-inch spacing) wall studs to adapt the company's stage box for fixed installs. The full system includes the compact 32×8 stage box (accepting XLR or TRS mic/line signals), which connects to a rack unit at the house mix position via lightweight, mil-spec fiber-optic line. All transfers are at 24-bit/96 kHz, and optional optical outs on the stage box allow “splits” to a monitor mixer or to recording/broadcast feeds.

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Professional Snake Reels from Horizon Music ( feature 16-gauge steel construction and individually jacketed/shielded multipair cable in an easily portable, integrated cable reel/stage box design. Standard models come in 100- or 150-foot lengths, in 16×4 or 24×4 configurations with 14-inch or XLR returns. All models include locking rubber wheels; custom lengths/channel options can be ordered.