New Sound Reinforcement Products

AUDIO-TECHNICA 3000 SERIES Audio-Technica ( has enhanced its 3000 Series UHF true-diversity wireless systems with Automatic Frequency

Audio-Technica ( has enhanced its 3000 Series UHF true-diversity wireless systems with Automatic Frequency Scanning, which automatically determines and sets the best available open frequency. Particularly useful when using multiple wireless systems, AFS avoids interference and intermodulation. The frequency-agile 3000 Series offers up to 16 simultaneous systems per frequency band, for a maximum of 32 simultaneous systems across two UHF bands (541.5 to 566.375 MHz and 655.5 to 680.375 MHz) with 200 selectable frequencies in each band. Two options are available (both include the ATW-R3100 receiver and rackmount hardware): the $699 ATW-3110a UniPak™ comes with a ATW-T310 bodypack and the $799 ATW-3141a system has a ATW-T341 handheld transmitter with the same capsule as the company's Artist Elite AE4100 mic. Both transmitters run from six to 10 hours on two AA batteries.

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Unveiled at Summer NAMM, the EX12 high-output active speaker from KV2 Audio (dist. by American Music & Sound,, $2,499) features a new 3-inch titanium-diaphragm compression driver offering a large neodymium magnetic motor structure. The 12-inch woofer uses a trans-coil technology that eliminates voice coil inductance, behaving like a woofer at lower frequencies and like a midrange at higher frequencies. The 500W, internally bi-amped system can reach sustained SPLs of 127 dB, and features an asymmetrical, trapezoidal Baltic Birch cabinet with side handles, M10 hang points and Omnimount™ compatibility; also available is the EX12t touring version with recessed fly track.

Now distributed in the U.S. by Sennheiser (, the new Klein + Hummel freePORT™ PAS 400 self-powered speaker accommodates up to four Evolution G2 Series wireless receivers and features an integrated mixer and 100W amp, with built-in rechargeable battery or AC-powered operation. The system has dual 6.5-inch woofers, a 1-inch compresion driver/horn and can deliver 116dB SPLs. An integrated mixer offers level control of two mic inputs, an auxiliary line-level input and a dedicated channel for the Sennheiser receivers.

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CAD Microphones' (, $149.99) 4-piece Drum Mic Touring Pack comprises a KM212 dynamic kick drum mic, two TM211 dynamic tom mics and one SN210 snare mic. The KM212 captures high-SPL sources (kicks, bass amps, etc.) with frequencies below 100 Hz. The tight cardioid TM211 and supercardioid SN210 offer excellent isolation from other drums; both models include CAD's patented angle-adjustable rim-mount drum clips for easy setup and no need for mic stands, for a clean stage look and less gear to pack.

Applied Research and Technology's ( HD Series graphic EQs are engineered for high standards in audio performance, with precision 1% resistors in the filter sets and ultralow-noise/low-distortion active gain elements for a dynamic range spec exceeding 117 dB. Available are single ($219) and dual ($359) 31-band models and a dual 15-band version ($219) — all with independent variable high/lowpass filters. Also standard are automatic relay bypass, variable input level control, clip level indicator, RFI filtering, selectable-scale ±6/±12dB switching and active balanced XLR and Euroblock connectors. A Bypass switch allows for direct comparison between the equalized and non-equalized signal for each channel.

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Available in frame sizes including 24, 32 and 40-channel models, the new Kensington Series of mixing consoles from Inter-M ( brings together the expertise and experience of a renowned team of design engineers led by Miyajaki Yuichi of Inter-M and Audient's Dave Dearden. Features include true LCR mixing, low-noise preamps, 4-band “British” equalizer with swept mid-bands, sweepable highpass filtering, eight aux sends with pre-fader switching, four mute groups and direct outputs. A Fader Flip function creates a dual-purpose FOH and monitor console, and an optional meter bridge shows all subgroup and main outputs.