New Sound Reinforcement Products

A-LINE ACOUSTICS ARRAYABLE SUBS A-Line Acoustics ( offers 1,000-watt, powered arrayable subwoofers to complement its AL10 and

A-Line Acoustics ( offers 1,000-watt, powered arrayable subwoofers to complement its AL10 and ALA10 line array system. Designed to be flown with the company's line arrays, the ASA-115 (single-15), ASA-215 (dual-15) and ASA-118 (single-18) SubARRAY™ enclosures feature the company's exclusive integrated EZAL™ rigging for fast, safe and easy setup. Each cabinet is the height of two AL10 enclosures. SubARRAY systems are powered with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology with onboard DSP. Made in the U.S., the SubARRAY enclosures are constructed of DuraTex-coated birch plywood with routed handles. An optional wheelboard is available for easy transport/load-in.

Expanding Soundcraft's ( UREI DJ mixer line, the new 1601E's digital effects section has a core of five effects (filter, delay, pan, cutter and flanger), but with 25 combo presets in five banks for unique chained effects, such as a combination of filter, flanger and delay. Effects can be individually assigned to each channel, with a bpm fx crossfader selecting the wet/dry blend. Two effect controls modulate key effects parameters, and there are five selectable effects speeds from 1/4 to 2/1. A separate 3-band (LF/MF/HF) isolator lets users choose which music frequencies pass through the effects section, and a bpm analysis engine automatically synchs effects to the track bpm. Also standard are six inputs, the UREI Exciter, 3-band isolator EQ, headphone EQ and adjustable channel fader curves.

RoadBeetle ( is an artist/tour management software package. The Web-based software helps organize a performance's scheduling, technical, labor, travel, catering and settlement data, while providing the online ability to create and send promotions and notifications. It also gives users an area in which to submit and track requests for tickets and passes for each show. Artists and crew can access the information from anywhere via the Internet. Authorized personnel can be given access to confidential information, while more general information is available to anyone else who needs it. Production managers have a detailed overview day sheet report with complete venue, hotel, travel and show schedule information as soon as they log in, and last-minute changes can be text-messaged to cell phones of all tour staff.

The Turbosound ( large-format TSW-218 ($4,912) is a Turbo-loaded sub-bass enclosure capable of delivering very high SPLs. Designed to complement Turbosound's Aspect Series and the larger models in the QLight™ range, this double 18-inch, modular, coupling-horn enclosure offers a dramatic sensitivity increase when multiple units are coupled, with 104 dB from a single unit and eight coupled cabinets delivering up to 110 dB. Cabinets are equipped with heavy-duty nylon feet and matching locating recesses. Strap points integrated into the side handles ensure structurally secure ground-stacked arrays.

L-Acoustics' ( 108P and 112P powered two-way coaxial loudspeakers combine point-source technology with the convenience of self-powering and onboard DSP. The design provides wavefront coherency over the wide axisymmetric dispersion pattern and flat response, without polar lobing effects. The result is ideal for near-field monitoring, proximity fill, small to medium-sized front-of-house and wedge monitor use. The bi-amped 500/250W 108P puts a 1-inch exit compression driver on an 8-inch woofer. The 112P has a 1,000W mono bridged amp pushing a 1.4-inch exit HF driver and 12-inch woofer for high-SPL performance.