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SENNHEISER 3000 SERIES WIRELESS MONITORS Sennheiser's ( 3000 Series wireless monitor transmitter/receivers are compatible with Sennheiser
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Sennheiser's ( 3000 Series wireless monitor transmitter/receivers are compatible with Sennheiser Evolution Series wireless G2 monitor products. The units offer a high 100mW output and a 36MHz switching bandwidth, tunable in 5kHz steps across the frequency range for a total of 7,200 frequencies. All three products ship with 16 pre-coordinated preset frequencies and 16 user-assignable presets. The EK3253 bodypack receiver is 20 percent smaller than its predecessor, but features a more robust metal body and comes with IE 4 stereo ear-canal phones. Two AA batteries provide up to 10 hours of operation.

The EVP-XP Series from Wharfedale Professional (dist. by IAG, is the powered version of the company's EVP-X. As with the passive EVP-X, the EVP-XP features a new elliptical waveguide horn on a 44mm titanium HF compression driver. The EVP-X12PM and EVP-X15PM (12/15-inch stage monitors) include a 5-band graphic EQ for more feedback control, as well as an output jack for daisy-chaining a passive EXP speaker from the monitor. A 15-inch powered sub is optional. The 12-inch front-of-house and monitor models have 300W (continuous) amps, with all others having 400W amps.

Electro-Voice's ( Precision Series” power amps combine flexible remote operation and system control of up to 250 amplifiers via one or more PCs. System DSP includes filter, delay, level and dynamics parameters. The DSP-enabled version of the company's popular P3000, the top-of-the-line P3000RL puts 1,300W/channel into 4 ohms (or 1,800/side into 2 ohms) in a three-rackspace chassis with high-power Speakon NL4 output connectors. The P Series has other networkable models, ranging from 400W to 850W/channel in standard high-impedance 70/100-volt contracting versions.

Crown's XLS Series power amps ( include four models from 300W to 800W per channel into 4 ohms. Features include a mono bridge mode switch, balanced XLR inputs, binding post and Speakon outputs, detented level controls and six status LEDs that indicate signal, clip and fault for each channel.

The latest handheld vocal mic from Audix ( is the VX5 ($299), a mid-priced cardioid condenser model. Also available in transmitter form with the company's RAD360 wireless systems, the stand-alone 48VDC phantom-powered VX5 has two recessed DIP switches for bass roll-off (150 Hz) and a -10dB pad that extends the mic's SPL handling to 140 dB. Other features include a rugged stainless-steel grille (removable for cleaning) and a 40 to 18k Hz response.

Designed to deliver two channels of high-efficiency power, Mackie's ( M Series amps are available in three configurations: the M-2000, M-3000 and M-4000, delivering 2,000/3,000/4,000 watts, respectively. These lightweight, Class-H designs feature Mackie's exclusive Adaptive Slewing technology for fast transients and a fully complementary differential design from input to output. The amps retail at $899.99, $1,099.99 and $1,299.99, respectively.

Combining the resources of Dolby and Lake Technology (acquired last year), the Dolby Lake Processor ( provides loudspeaker management/EQ, global software control (via computer or wireless tablet) and up to eight channels of Lake Mesa EQ or up to 4×12 channels of Lake loudspeaker processing. Its LimiterMax technology couples a true RMS limiter and an instantaneous attack-time peak limiter for absolute clipping protection and Iso-Float ground isolation for transformer-like ground isolation without the added expense. The unit's four-portal interface provides fast, accurate access to system functions and parameters.