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The Midas ( Heritage 4000 console builds on the foundation of its TEC Award-winning Heritage 3000 and takes it to a new level. Designed for FOH or monitor duties, or both, the H4000 adds eight more stereo auxes for a total of 40 aux sends. It's available with 48, 56 or 64 inputs, which can be loaded with any combination of stereo/mono modules. Inputs feature the XL4 Preamp and the H3K EQ; all inputs have direct outs, and eight matrix outputs can be picked up from any bus output. For familiarity, the H4000 shares all of the automation, muting and VCA functions of the H3000. There are 10 VCAs, 10 mute groups and virtual fader automation on all input and VCA group faders. Mutes are also under automated control, and scene storage is split into Act and Scene — a useful designation for theater users. The H4000 uses the same power supplies as the H3000, with dual supplies for redundancy. Rental companies will appreciate that the H4000 modules can be used in H3000s (although not vice versa). OPTiCORE FIBER-OPTIC SNAKE

Now distributed in the United States by Group One (, Opticore's LX4 Optical Digital Multicore Network System converts digital and analog audio signals for long-distance transmission over a scalable (up to 196 audio channels), dual-redundant ring structure with 24-bit/96kHz clarity. The LX4A stage box has 16 return channels and 48 mic/line inputs, with all gain adjustments storable in memory. A video input (for stage monitoring) is also provided, along with RS-232 and RS-485 data buses. Connected via two fiber-optic lines, the LX4B FOH box has multipin analog breakouts for the 48 audio outs and 16 sends. Also available are a digital I/O box with 64 AES3 or 32 DMX/RS-422 lines and a Windows software patching utility to speed setups. L-ACOUSTICS V-DOSC UPDATES

New presets for use with approved BSS or XTA processors and L-Acoustics V-DOSC speakers are available at The new V7 Preset Library optimizes the loudspeaker system's power resources, providing smoother mid/high response based on detailed spatial averaging, as well as revised low-section processing (including improved LF shelving EQ), resulting in a 2dB increase in overall efficiency and output. A-T WIRELESS ACCESSORIES

Audio-Technica ( announces new accessories to enhance wireless reception in difficult environments for its Artist Elite 3000/4000 Series. The 1-in/4-out AEW-DA660D ($959) is an active, unity-gain UHF antenna distribution system for connecting a pair of antennas to up to four diversity receivers. The single-rackspace unit features a cascade output for driving additional distribution amps, detachable IEC power cable (with pass-through for daisy-chain AC hookups), 10 RF cables, front-mount antenna cables and DC power cables to power up to four A-T 3000 Series receivers. Also new is the $398 ATW-A49 Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA), a wideband UHF (440-900MHz) directional paddle antenna with 6 dB of gain and enhanced signal pickup. CERWIN VEGA PROSTAX

The new ProStax™ line from Cerwin Vega ( offers three-way systems at two-way prices, with 2-inch HF compression drivers and cast-frame 6-inch cone mids mounted on a horn/proprietary waveguide, combined with cast-frame 12/15/dual-15 woofers. The enclosures feature all-plywood construction with polyurethane finish, integrated Vega-Grip™ handles and both Speakon and ¼-inch inputs. The line includes the 86-pound, dual-15 PSX-253 with 38-17k Hz response, 1,500W peak handling and 100dB (1W/1m) sensitivity; the 1,000W, single-15 PSX-153 (45-17k Hz); the 750W, single-12 PSX-123 (55-17k Hz); an optional 1,000W PSX-36 subwoofer; and the PSX-122, a compact 12-inch coaxial system (127dB SPL peaks, 42-20k Hz response) that can be used as a stage wedge or as a pole-mount MF/HF box with the PSX-36. 

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