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New York Lights Up With JBL, PRG Audio

his year’s Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center (New York City) used JBL VT4888DP line array elements, provided by Mount Vernon, N.Y.-based PRG Audio. The sound system was designed by Westchester, N.Y.-based Daryl Bornstein and operated by Erik von Ranson.

The 2005 Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center featured live performances by Sheryl Crow; the Goo Goo Dolls; Earth, Wind and Fire; the Brian Setzer Orchestra; Il Divo; Regis Philbin; and the New York Youth Choir, along with pre-recorded performances by Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart and Carrie Underwood, among others. This year’s event drew approximately 250,000 people, and was performed on six separate stages.

The self-powered characteristics of the JBL VERTEC DP Series with DrivePack Technology saved Bornstein and the production both time and space, with three clusters of VT4888DP line array elements in use. “We significantly reduced our setup time and the equipment footprint typically used for amplifiers and processors, which was a huge advantage because time and space is always an issue on this project,” Bornstein says. “Having a self-powered system was a calculated risk considering the weather forecasts, but even after getting soaked several times, the speakers still performed flawlessly.”

The JBL line arrays were arranged in a left/right setup on the Prometheus stage adjacent to the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center and in the Channel Gardens, an area directly east of the rink. “It’s the best solution to date for those spaces, achieving the best overall coverage with the least amount of equipment,” Bornstein explains.

Bob Rendon, co-founder of ProMix, now PRG Audio, recommended the VT4888DP self-powered line array speakers. “As a company, PRG’s philosophy has always centered on providing the artist and audio engineer with the most versatile, powerful sound systems available,” notes Rendon. “We had 100-percent confidence in the VT4888DP models, which provided a flexible yet highly predictable speaker system.”

“The Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center is one of the world’s best-known holiday celebrations, and JBL Professional appreciates that our customers chose our loudspeaker system products to be part of this tradition,” says David Scheirman, VP of tour sound at JBL Professional. “It is always very satisfying for JBL to work closely with top audio industry professionals like Bob Rendon and Daryl Bornstein. The results they achieve help to showcase the benefits and features of JBL system products.”

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