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Abbey Road’s Audiomovers Debuts Omnibus Software

Audiomovers has launched Omnibus, designed to route audio between apps and combine multiple audio sources into one virtual input.

Audiomovers' Omnibus
Audiomovers’ Omnibus

London, UK (September 21, 2022)—Abbey Road software subsidiary Audiomovers has launched Omnibus software for the Mac, designed to send and receive audio between applications and combine multiple audio sources into one virtual input.

Intended to simplify following and connecting multiple audio sources through various software and hardware setups and workarounds, Omnibus shows where audio is coming from and going to on a Mac, and allows users to make new connections with a single click.

Omnibus has two virtual drivers, allowing users to send audio from point A to B, where they can then record, mix, compare, or transmit it out wirelessly with the company’s Listento application. Users can stream any audio on their Mac to the world with Omnibus and Listento working together. Omnibus can be used to split out and send multichannel audio from any DAW to the Listento app, and Omnibus’ two virtual drivers support the transmitting of spatial audio, be it surround, Dolby Atmos or Binaural.

In the Studio with The Darkness

Users can define channel layouts with channel names, volume and muting parameters, as well as save and load ‘snapshots’ – instantly switching between specific routing setups for specific workflows which can be loaded up with a single click.

Omnibus is supported on Mac OS X 10.15.7 or higher, with an unlimited number of physical devices, and up to two virtual devices. Listento subscribers can save up to 100% on the price, while new users can currently buy an Omnibus licence for the one-off price of $49.99.