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Allen & Heath Expands Everything I/O Range, More

Allen & Heath has introduced a variety of new options for its installation offerings, including the Everything I/O range's new Dante breakout boxes and more.

Allen & Heath’s New Installation Offerings
Allen & Heath’s New Installation Offerings

New York, NY (July 6, 2021)—Allen & Heath has introduced a variety of new options for its installation offerings, ranging from the Everything I/O range’s new Dante breakout boxes to touch-screen control panels to an echo-cancelling module.

The new AEC processing expansion module handles hardware-based echo cancellation for the company’s AHM-64 audio matrix processor, providing 12 channels of AEC with a 150 ms adaptive FIR filter, non-linear processing for residual echo and background noise reduction, and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for the far-end signal. The module can handle multi-microphone setups and dedicated Sound Reinforcement outputs, and is being introduced with use for teleconferencing and videoconferencing applications in mind.

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Meanwhile, Allen & Heath’s Everything I/O range of audio expanders is growing with the addition of three new Dante interfaces—the DT20, with 2 mic/line inputs on combi connectors; the DT02, with two-line outputs on XLR; and the DT22, with 2×2 I/O on Phoenix connectors. The expanders are housed in a compact form-factor based around aluminum casing; surface-mount and rack-mount kits for them are also offered to aid their implementation in permanent installs.

AHM-64, dLive and Avantis mixers get new remote-control options with the introduction of Allen & Heath’s new CC-7” and CC-10” touch panels. PoE-powered and pre-configured to run the Custom Control app in kiosk mode, they offer an alternative to BYOD in houses of worship, corporate and educational facilities. Multiple user interfaces can be designed by the installer or system integrator, uploaded to the mixing system and deployed to all connected Custom Control devices.

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