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Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core Interface Debuts

The new Antelope Audio Zen Q is a 14 x 10 bus-powered USB-C audio interface with onboard real-time effects and expandable I/O.

Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core Interface
Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core Interface

Santa Monica, CA (January 18, 2022)—Antelope Audio has launched Zen Q Synergy Core, a desktop compact audio interface aimed at content creators. The unit sports the company’s AD/DA chips, linear mic preamps and a 64-bit AFCTM (Acoustically Focused Clocking) system inspired by Antelope’s master clocks.

The Zen Q Synergy Core 14 x 10 bus-powered USB-C audio interface incorporates features and tech used in the rack-mountable Orion Studio Synergy Core and Galaxy 64 Synergy Core flagship. It offers AD/DA conversion with a dynamic range of up to 127 dB (A-Weighted); recording, mixing, and playback at up to 24-bit/192 kHz; and a proprietary 64-bit AFCTM technology and Jitter Management algorithm in an effort to privde increased sound width, separation, and detail.


Zen Q Synergy Core comes with 37 bundled analog-modeled effects, allowing the Synergy Core platform to serve up equalizers, dynamic processors, guitar amps, reverb and more, including Gyraf Gyratec IX (tube mic preamp) and Stay-Levin (compressor).

Connectivity is provided via two Combo XLR jacks with switchable modes to toggle between the discrete console-grade preamps, LINE level, or HiZ, while the front panel provides two switchable line/Hi-Z inputs—G1 and G2. For monitoring, there is a stereo Monitor output and a separate Line Out pairing to connect another set of studio monitors or external outboard gear. There is also a separate DAC for the HP1 and HP2 (independent headphone) outputs. A desktop setup can handle a multichannel configuration via the SPDIF IN/OUT and ADAT IN connections.

Bus-powered through a USB-C cable, the compact (W: 198 mm/7.8”, D: 137 mm/5.4”, H: 57.5 mm/2.3”) interface does not require a dedicated power source. Available now, the Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core Interface runs $899.00 USD.