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AudioSourceRE DeMIX Pro V4 Debuts

The new DeMIX Pro Version 4 has a number of new tricks up its sleeve, not the least of which is localizing the actual separation process.

AudioSourceRE DeMIX Pro V4
AudioSourceRE DeMIX Pro V4.

New York, NY (November 15, 2022)—Software that can digitally analyze a track and then break it down into individual stems is still an emerging field, but AudioSourceRE’s DeMIX Pro is one of the most established applications out there. The company’s new DeMIX Pro Version 4 has a number of new tricks up its sleeve, not the least of which is moving the actual separation process to a computer, laptop or device instead of requiring users to upload tracks.

Running on both Windows and macOS, DeMIX Pro Version 4 also has two new separation models for piano and strings, allowing users to get up to eight stems separated in a given track. Hand-in-hand with localized demixing, the software can nbow be opened without a working internet connection, though that will require an iLok USB dongle.

AudioSourceRE’s DeMIX Pro – A Real-World Review

The software now also sports a new user interface and workflow. Audio tracks can be split into separate sections to aid getting them demixed more quickly. Also, multiple songs can be loaded at one time in your project. For those inclined to explore mashup remixing, music clips can me moved, split and duplicated within the software.

Version 4 reportedly also has improved auto stem creation for high-quality lead or all vocal removal, electric guitar, drums, bass, piano, strings, and instrumental creation. Version 4 is available by monthly subscription ($24.99/month | $249/) or permanent license purchase ($549) and is a free upgrade for our current users.